Celebrity / インド映画界の人々の話

ラジニニューススクラップ 2002 January



No To Politics   Sify Movies

By Moviebiz

The maverick journalist and political commentator 'Cho' Ramaswamy MP, urged superstar Rajnikanth to enter the murky world of Tamil politics. At the anniversary of Chois Thugllak where Rajni was the chief guest, he pleaded with the actor to take over the leadership of the third front - an alternative to the two Dravidian parties in the state.

But the superstar just refused to take the bait and maintained a studied silence during the three-hour function. Cho's suggestion received a thunderous applause from the audience and had them talking. Cho feels that Rajnikanth is the only person in Tamilnadu who can take on Jayalalitha and defeat 'Amma' at Andipatti.

Meanwhile the elusive superstar has disappeared and is trying to work out a proper story for his next film, which now the industry feels will be launched on April 14.




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