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ラジニカーントのニュース、web拾い読みの2002年8月版 その1 です。

Tuesday August 6, 2:45 PM Yahoo!India(hansazone)
Rajini’s peace offeringBabaが公開間近のチェンナイでは…
There is now constant excitement around Rajini’s Baba.
The latest was when the DK party took umbrage at some of the lines in a lyric penned by Valee and some sequences in that song sequence.
The party went to court on this asking for a ban on the song. Rajini who was away in Hyderabad has immediately swung int action to smoothen ruffled feathers. He has spoken to K Veeramani, the DK leader that the lines on Periyar, the founder of the DK movement will be removed from the film.
He has also promised the DK leader that he would arrange for a special screening of Baba before release and after that decide whether some of the scenes during the song picturisation have to be deleted.
Says lyricist Valee.”I am sorry if I have wounded anybody’s feelings.
In Baba Rajni is an atheist who turns to God. To show this change I used Periyar’s quotes, the most well knows atheist of Tamilnadu.
I did not intend to downgrade Periyar in any way”.

In the meanwhile, the Baba frenzy is in full swing.
Bookings will open from August 10 and in the urban centers the ticket rates are Rs 100 and Rs 75.

Picture images of Baba are on cellphones.
A fifty feet cutout of Rajini has been erected on the main arterial road of Chennai and fans immediately performed the arthi.
Baba pictures have been painted on Chennai’s Albert theatre walls and were made public.
Large number of women and fans thronged the theatre and offered the arthi in front of the walls.
The first show will start all over Tamilnadu on the night of August 14th.
Will the Rajini magic create history?  
 ラジニの『Baba』にまつわる最新のニュースは、Valeeの作詞した劇中歌のいくつかの部分でドラヴィダ連盟(DK)が即座に不快感を示し、この連盟はチェンナイの高等裁判所に 歌の差し止めを訴えたことです。
 チェンナイを離れ、ハイデラバードにいたラジニは、ことを穏便に済ませるために すぐに対応しました。
 彼は連盟のリーダーであるK.ヴェーラマニに、連盟の創始者であるペリヤールに まつわる歌詞のくだりを映画からはカットすると言い、『Baba』公開前に カットする場面を検討する、と約束しました。

ラジニは、『Baba』では、後に神に転じる無神論者を演じている。 私はこの変化を表現するために、タミルナドゥで最も有名な無神論者であるペリヤールに ついて引用しましたが、ペリヤールを見下すような意図は全くありませんでした。」

 予約は8月10日から開始、都心においての入場料は、Rs 100(約300円)、Rs 75(約230円)です。

 『Baba』のイメージ画像が携帯電話に登場し、50フィートの巨大看板がチェンナイの 主要な道路脇に設置され、壁画がチェンナイのアルバート劇場にお目見えしました。

 他の映画が高い席でもRs 30~40程度なのに、今回のラジニ映画は高いなあ。(2002.8.8)
Tuesday August 6, 11:59 AMYahoo!India(Galatta.com)
Court Case against Baba訴訟事件
Quite against the media predictions ‘Baba’ events has been happening way ahead of all the dates that the media kept predicting about ‘Baba’.
The muhurat of Baba happened a day ahead than it was announced to the media to avoid any mob or crowd gathering.
While there were controversies surrounding the new marketing strategy of reservation coupons that was followed for audiocassettes the cassette were released on July 31st 2002 as against August 2nd 2002 that the media kept flashing. Now even before it can make it release as scheduled on August 15th 2002 a court case has been booked against ‘Baba’.
The case is a stay on the movie ‘Baba’ to remove certain scenes, songs and lyrics from the movie before its release.
According to those who have filed the case the lyrics of one of the songs in the movie questions the belief of the followers of the political leader ‘Periyaar’ who is an atheist.
The lyrics of the song glorify the political leader ‘Rajaji’ and portraying the beliefs and ideologies of ‘Periyaar’ not to be right in a subtle way.
The followers of Periyar feel that it is not a right thing to exploit the freedom of expression given for those in the field of cinema, especially to offend a great political leader like ‘Periyaar’ who has worked for the upliftment of the socially backward people.
The song that was written by the lyricist Vaali also supports the believers of God and offends the non-believers.
G.Swamydurai of the ‘Dravida Kazhagam’ has filed this case against the movie ‘Baba’ in the Chennai highcourt to remove the respective songs, lyrics and scenes from the movie.
予約クーポン制という、サントラ・カセットのユニークな販売戦略をめぐって論議が 飛び交う中、カセットは2002年7月31日にリリースされました。

 今、それを2002年8月15日の公開がもうすぐだというのに、『Baba』をめぐって 訴訟が8月2日に提起され、メディアの注目を更に集めています。

 裁判所によると、劇中のある歌の歌詞が、無神論者である政治的指導者「ペリヤール」の 信仰者に異議を唱えているというのです。

 歌詞は政治的リーダーのラジニを賞賛し、「ペリヤール」の思想や信仰を 正しくない、というようにも解釈できる描写をしています。
  ペリヤールの信仰者たちは、映画の表現の自由だからといって、社会的にさけずまれている カーストの人々の地位を引き上げるために働いた「ペリヤール」のような偉大な政治的指導者を中傷するような引用の仕方は許せない、と感じる訳です。

映画から問題の歌、歌詞およびシーンのカットを求めて、「ドラヴィダ連盟(DK)」のG.Swamyduraiは、 チェンナイ高等裁判所に、映画『Baba』に対して訴訟を起こしました。
August 2Idlebrain.com
Rajnikanth’s BABA audio is released by Chiranjeevi on 2nd August 2002 at Kakatiya Sheratonチランジーヴィーとラジニ
Hyder Mahal, the conference hall of Kakatiya Sheraton was glowing with the glitters of big stalwarts like Chiranjeevi and Rajanikanth who came together for the audio release of Rajanikanth’s new movie Baba.
Everything looked so perfect except our timing.
By the time we entered the conference hall, Megastar Chiranjeevi had already released the audio of BABA and Rajnikanth was about to conclude his speech.
Time and tide wait for no man.
Well, it was proved again here, giving us lessons to set our clocks properly not to miss out on such spectacular functions.
But hey, we did manage to capture important chunk of the excitement for you guys When we stepped in to Hyder Mahal, Rajnikanth was talking about the sensation created by Indra at the box office and concluded by saying that there are only two charismatic and popular superstars in India and they are none other than Amitabh Bachchan and our very own Megastar Chiranjeevi.
Then Chiranjeevi was asked to talk on this occasion.
Chiranjeevi spoke at length about how directly and indirectly Rajnikanth helped him to be what he is today.
He narrated a few experiences, which he said;
he was sharing for the first time with everybody.
So continue reading for some interesting anecdotes brought to you exclusively by idlebrain.com – 1. When Chiranjeevi joined the Film Institute in Madras, he used to observe a lot of other students who were doing exceptionally well and used to get depressed. At that time, he used to watch Rajnikanth’s films.
Rajnikanth is about 4-5 years senior to Chiranjeevi.
Chiranjeevi used to feel that he might not get selected to act in movies as he is not good looking and is not fair skinned.
Rajnikanth inspired him in that aspect.
Chiranjeevi used to work with more vigor to outcome those obstacles.

2. After getting into films, Chiranjeevi was asked by K Bala Chandar (KB) to do a negative role in a film titled ‘Anthuleni Katha’, which was a remake of Tamil film.
Chiranjeevi was asked to do the Telugu version of Tamil’s Rajnikanth’s role.
Chiranjeevi hesitated to do that role as he felt Rajni did a terrific job in the original. There is one particular 300-feet length scene that had to be finished in one continuous take.
Though shooting started at 1 pm, Chiranjeevi went to location early in the morning and kept on doing rehearsals.
When KB shot the scene at 1 pm, Chiranjeevi failed to deliver the goods. KB asked Chiranjeevi to concentrate and do it again at 3 pm.
Chiranjeevi, who was so tensed to do that scene when KB was around, did it perfectly when KB was not around. That shot was okayed after many takes. Then the assistant director told Chiranjeevi that KB wanted to see him.
Chiranjeevi decided that he might not be fit for acting and if KB fires him, he had to go back to Nellore.
But KB told him that Chiranjeevi had indeed done a good work. And that with some improvement he could excel.
When Chiranjeevi expressed his doubts as to how Rajnikanth could manage that shot so perfectly, then KB gave out a hearty laugh and said that Rajni was doing the takes till 9 pm and that Chiranjeevi could complete it by 7 pm.
That way, Chiranjeevi used to set Rajnikanth as a parameter.

3. When Athaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu was remade in Tamil as ‘Maa Pillai’ by Geeta arts with Rajanikanth as hero, he insisted that Chiranjeevi should do a guest role in it.
Chiranjeevi did a fight scene in that film and it brought enormous popularity in Tamilnadu as Chiranjeevi acted in it.

4. Gharana Modugu and Mannan flagged off their shooting on the same day and both films were made with same story.
When Muhurtam shot was being canned for Gharana Modugu, Chiranjeevi felt that since Rajnikanth was doing the Tamil version, he should work hard to match the might of Rajni ‘style’.
With that competitive spirit, he made the entire crew wait for a couple of hours and tried different mannerisms from which Chiranjeevi’s most popular ‘namaste mastaaru’ (with a single hand salute) and ‘face turning ichuko’ were born.

5. During the shooting of Indra, Chiranjeevi went to Swiss to shoot a couple of songs. Rajnikanth was also shooting BABA out there.
Chiru had a day off from shooting, he visited Rajnikanth. After listening to the story, Chiranjeevi was very much delighted.
On listening to the dialogues of the movie, which had many mass dialogues, Chiranjeevi asked Rajnikanth as to how come Rajni could utter such mass dialogues when he is in such a top position of influencing everything including the selection of Governments.
Then Rajnikanth said that comman man always loves those dialogues that are very mass and they work out well if hero (being the noble warrior) attacks villain (an evil harbinger) verbally with more mass oriented dialogues.
With that advice, when returned back to India, Chiranjeevi asked Paruchuri brothers to rework on dialogues aspect.
That’s the reason why people find mass oriented ferocious dialogues in the second half of Indra. This is what Chiranjeevi had to say about how Rajnikanth helped him in his career directly and indirectly.
At that same time Chiranjeevi mentioned that he wouldn’t accept the compliment that Chiranjeevi and Amitabh are the only superstars of India.
Chiranjeevi, with uttermost honesty and humility, said that Rajnikanth and Amitabh are the real superstars of Indian film industry.

DVS Raju and BV Reddy (President of Chamber of Commerce) also spoke at length about Baba and Rajnikanth.  
Hyder Mahal(Kakatiyaシェラトンの会議ホール)で、 ラジニの新作『Baba』のオーディオ・リリースについて チランジーヴィー(チル)ラジニが同席し、記者会見がありました。


チルは、直接的、あるいは間接的に、どれほど ラジニが今まで力を貸してくれて、そして今日の自分が ある、ということを切々と語りました。
 いくつかの面白いエピソードをここに紹介しましょう。—– 1.  チルがマドラスの映画学校で学んでいた時、彼は抜きん出て良い生徒をたくさん目の当たりにしては、意気消沈することがしょっちゅうでした。
ラジニチルより約4-5年先輩です。 チルは、自分はルックスはよくないし、肌の色も不利だから、映画には向いてないかも、と落ち込んでいたものでした。

2.  映画界に入って、チルは、K.バーラチャンラル(KB)から、タミル映画のリメイクである『Anthuleni Katha 』で悪役のオファーを受けました。


ラジニはあの演技をするのに午後9時までかかってたが、きみは午後7時でそれを成し遂げたじゃないか」、と言いました。 こうやって、チルラジニをいつでも自分の演技の基準にしてきました。

3.  『Athaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu 』のタミル語によるリメイク『Maa Pillai 』でラジニが主役を演じたとき、 チルはそれにゲスト出演を熱望しました。

4.  『Gharana Modugu』(チル主演)と『Mannan』(ラジニ主演)は同じ物語の映画で、 同時期に撮影がはじまりました。
こうして、チルの最もポピュラーな【ナマステーmastaaru】(単一の敬礼)や【face turning ichuko】といったポーズが生まれました。

5.  『インドラ』の音楽シーンの撮影で、チルがスイスに行ったとき、 ラジニも『Baba』の撮影をしていました。
チルは、撮影を一日オフにして、 ラジニを訪ねました。 物語を聞いた後に、チルは非常に喜びました。
映画(それは多くの多量対話を行っていた)の対話を聞くとすぐに、 チルラジニを尋ねました、 に関して、なぜ、彼が政府の選択を含むすべてに影響を及ぼすそのようなトップの位置にいる場合、 ラジニはそのような多量対話を発することができました。

August 5indiainfo.com
Admirers of film ‘Baba’ get A Clean Shaveユニークな発売方法
Baba filmmakers have decided to give a clean head shave to their admirers.
The film is expected to be released on August 15th.
Against the normal practice of ticket reservation for the movie, they are asking the audience to purchase the cassette by reservation through issue of coupons.
These coupons are sold only in those theaters where the movie will be released and the holders have to first get the cassette from the theaters.
These coupon holders will get preference to reserve tickets for the movie show.

Rajni’s fans, not only have started queuing up for getting the coupons, but have also performed the religious rituals like lighting camphor, breaking white pumpkin etc. before the counter opened for sale of coupons.
Each coupon is priced at Rs. 50/, which incidentally is the one-day wage for the labour.
In addition the fans have to shell down Rs.100 to see the movie.

Because of ‘hypes’, people are very keen to see the movie on the very first show.
It is unfortunate that instead of helping the fans, the moviemakers are encashing the situation.
It is understood that Rajni may derive a profit of Rs 80 to 100 crores from this movie.
August 3Sify Movies
Baba Preview『Baba』レビュー初登場!
The baron of the box-office, Rajnikanth is back with Baba,
due for release on August 15.
In Tamilnadu, Rajnikanth is the demi-God and his films have the biggest hype all over the world. The film also seems to be the political launch pad for the actor.
Recently while in Singapore at a show, the superstar hinted that he might be declaring his long innings in films and might step into something new, which could be politics. The tagline for the film says-
“Known is a drop.. Unknown is an ocean..!

Rajnikanth is a lorry driver living somewhere in a lower middle class North Chennai.
He is basically a do-gooder, who raises his voice against injustice and big bullies.
He is assisted in all his good deals by a Television anchor (Manisha Koirala).
But soon Rajni rubs a local politician and his son the wrong way.
This powerful politician who has nexus with the underworld orders that he should be taught a lesson. The lorry driver is kidnapped and beaten to pulp and assuming that he is dead the villains throw his body from a mountaintop.
A Sant (Sayaji Shinde) finds him and nurses him back to life. Rajni becomes the devotee of this Sant who has some magical powers and continues to live in the ashram.
But one day the Sant reminds him about his duties towards the poor and needy, gives him a ring and asks him to save the people from ‘the scum of the earth’ – corrupt politicians.
The Sant blesses Rajni and thus he is enlightened.
He comes back as Baba and cleans up the society from corrupt politicians and instals one of his associates to lead the state.
Later he goes back to his mountain abode.

Suresh Krissna directs the film. Music by A.R.Rahman is already a big hit and the cassettes are selling like hot cakes.
Vaali and Vairamuthu have written the lyrics.
The cast also include Goundamani, Aashish Vidyardhi, Sayaji Shinde, Nassar, Sanghavi, Ramya Krishnan and Deepa Venkat.
August 3Sify Movies
Baba Censored but DK up in Arms!政党との兼ね合い
Rajnikanth’s Baba has been censored on July 31 and given a clean ‘U’ certificate.
However the very next day the Dravida Kazhagam (DK) has petitioned the Madras High Court  against the film alleging that certain references and depictions in the film would damage the ideals and reputation of its founder Periyar.
The petition filed by DK treasurer, G. Swamidurai said that a comparative reference to the ideals of Periyar and Rajaji, besides the alleged use of the DK flag in the film had sent “shock waves” among the followers of Periyar.

They also object to a song written by lyricist Vaali “Rajayame…” sung by Jayachandran which urges people to dump the teachings of Periyar.
Baba is the story of an atheist who turns into an extremely religious person where the ideology of Rajaji is also given a thrust.
August 3Sify Movies
Baba Audio Arrives!やっとカセット発売!
At last the most eagerly awaited audio of the year Baba arrived on Wednesday (July 31) evening to a tumultus reception.
Rajnikanth fans have snapped the audio like hot cakes and by evening most of the retail outlets had to put out a “sold out” board.

If it’s Rajnikanth, it got to be pitched as a message audio.
Baba is shrieking of messages and Rajni ideology.
Rahman has tried to change Rajni’s usual jingoistic style into a more reflective and retrospective note.
Take the ‘Baba’ theme music Ekamevadvitiyam (which means- There is only one paramathma no second entity) rendered with thrust by Srinivasan, which creates a mood of the album.

As a fan remarked, “Sami Pattu Mathiri Irukkuthe” and there are far too many political overtones in the Sakthi Kodu number written by Vairamuthu which states Rajnikanth’s political ideology and is beautifully rendered by Karthik.
Though the album has its usual quota of recycled Rahman hits, the old magic is missing. What is really missing in the album is a fast and peppy number.
Though there is Dippu..Dippu sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Baba Kichchu, they are not dance numbers.
However, the song that sparkles in the album is the hummable number by Karthik and Sujata Maya..Maya… Another song Rajayame.. is very slow.

On the whole, Rahman music takes time to become popular and probably after the film is released it may be on everybody’s lips.
 7月31日水曜日の午後、高らかな歓迎を受けてとうとう待ちに待った『Baba』の オーディオカセットが発売になりました。


 音楽担当のラフマーンは、ラジニのいつもの感情的な音楽スタイルを今回は少し抑え 目に懐旧的なメロディーになるようにしたということです。
 例えば今回の映画のテーマ曲「Ekamevadvitiyam」(我は唯一つ)を聞いてみるといいでしょう。 シュリーニヴァサンによる自己主張の強い表現で、このアルバムの雰囲気を創り出しています。

 ファンの一人が言うように、「Sami Pattu Mathiri Irukkuthe」、 そして、ラジニカーントの政治観を綴ったヴァイラムットゥ作詞の「シャクティ・コドゥ」の曲はカールティクによって美しく仕上がっているものの、過度の政治的響きが見受けられます。
 アルバムにはいつものようにラフマーンのヒット曲の使いまわしがありますが、いつも のような効果はありません。しかし本当に欠けているのは、テンポの速い、気合の入るナ ンバー(曲)なのです。

 シャンカル・マハーデーヴァンとババ・キッチュが歌う「Dippu..Dippu」もありますが、 これはダンス曲ではありません。
 しかし、アルバムの中ではじけている曲はカールティクとスジャーター・マーヤーによる 口ずさみたくなるようなナンバーです。

 総じてラフマーンの曲は大器晩成型です。おそらく映画がリリースされた後大衆の耳目 を集めるのではないでしょうか。  (訳:永井真人さん)
Saturday August 3, 1:05 PM Yahoo!India(hansazone)
‘Baba’: Rajini rubbing a magic ring?ラジニの魔法のリング
Looks like the superstar may be trying a Vitallacharya route in Baba.
Buzz has it that the film has been cleared by the censors with no cuts.
From August 3, sensational 3-minute trailors of the film will begin to appear on all the channels.
Subtitled prints of the film are going to Japan simultaneously.
The collection from exhibitors alone is Rs.15 crores for the first four weeks, after which the distribution rights of the film will be given for 5 years.
News trickling in says that the first half of the film is interesting, while the second half drags.
The climax is typical ‘Rajini-fan’ material.
They say that Rehman has come up a cropper with none of his numbers showing the pep that’s the trademark of a Rajini film.
Some are even disappointed that there are no ‘message-laden’ songs like ‘Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalali’ in Muthu.
DK activists have objected to certain lines in a song by Valee which supposedly comment on the atheism of Periyar.
Buzz says that Rajini plays a simpleton-turned-superhero in the film.
The simpleton crosses the path of a corrupt politician, who in turn employs goondas to bash him up and throw him off a cliff.
Baba is saved by a swamiji who gives him a magic ring.
Now enters the superhero ‘Rajini-with-the-ring’, who naturally roots out the corrupt politician and instals a good man as the CM.
He then returns the ring to the swamiji and goes back to his peaceful life.

Toby McGuire can sure take a few pointers from our desi-superhero!

 映画上映者からの収益だけでも4週間で15クロール(1.5億ルピー:約4.5億円)に及び、 この後5年間の配給権が与えられます。

 ちょこちょこ入ってくる情報によると、前半は面白いが後半はだらだら長引く展開の ようです。
 そしてクライマックスはお決まりのラジニファン向けの仕上がりになっています。 関係筋の話では、今回ラフマーンはラジニ映画のトレードマークのノリの良さ、という点ではどの曲でも大きな失敗無くこなしたようです。

 しかし一方で、映画「ムトゥ」の「オルバン・オルバン」(主はただ一人)のような、 メッセージを持った歌曲が無いとがっかりする向きもあります。

 ドラヴィダ連盟の活動家らは、ぺリヤールの無神論についてコメントしていると推定さ れているヴァーリの歌詞の一部について異議を唱えているのです。

 噂では、この映画でラジニは無名の男から一躍スーパーヒーローに転じる役を演じてい ます。

 何のとりえも無い男が汚職政治家の行く手を阻み、そしてその政治家の方はごろつき を雇って彼を打ちのめして、崖から落とそうとします。
 BABAはswamijiに助けてもらい、魔法の指輪をもらいます。スーパーヒーロー「指輪のラジニ」の始まりです。当然件の汚職政治家を駆逐し、CM(州首相)として適切な人 物を配します。

 スパイダーマンを演じるトビー・マクガイアーも我々のスーパーヒーローからきっと ヒントを得ることができるでしょう!  (訳:永井真人さん)
Thursday August 1, 6:10 PMYahoo!India (hansazone)
‘Baba’: Patent Problems?特許問題
The Baba frenzy is peaking right now.
After several postponements, the audio cassettes of the film will finally hit the stalls on August 1, according to buzz.
Apart from this, ARM, the company that has patented the Baba logo and accessories like the headgear and dresses worn by the star in the film is now finding itself in a bind.
Already the blue kurta shown on the Baba posters has flooded the market and has the Baba logo imprinted on it.
Mass manufacturing of Baba kurtas has already started in all towns of the state.
Apart from this, small-time beedi manufacturers have put up hoardings in villages and towns showing Rajini in the Baba pose with a beedi on his lips and have advertised their brand beside it. To top it all, a Tamil weekly has procured photos of the film and published them as an exclusive album. This has angered several other publications.
The company is now planning to take legal action on the weekly and take the logo-pirates to court.
Meanwhile audio pirates are waiting for the cassette to hit the market.
With so much piracy happening, the company is unable to fathom whether it is the handiwork of overenthusiastic fan clubs or real business pirates. Patenting is one thing… but prosecuting the right party is quite another!
Thursday August 1, 10:00 AMYahoo!India(hansazone)
‘Baba’ may be Rajini’s last before politics?Babaが最後?
If Baba sneezes, the media catches a cold!
So, the latest interpretation on the superstar’s words are even more significant.
The superstar who is away in Singapore for a star nite hinted about quitting films and stepping into a new area (read that as ‘politics’).
Speaking at the star nite, he added that he was very satisfied with his successful innings in films and was now thinking about moving into a new area.
In typical Rajini-style, he said, “It could be politics or anything else.
It is all in the hands of God.” Now, this has led to rumours that Baba may be Rajini’s swan-song and that he’s trying to make as much as he can now, and quit.

Buzz from the Baba camp says that the much-publicised film is facing trouble in the editing room.
Post-editing, the film is still long, and they’re wondering how to prune it.
The audio cassettes which were to be released on 29th July, are yet to come.

Meanwhile, they say, the superstar has sent emissaries to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, saying that he would like to donate several lakhs to the CM’s coffers.
She in turn has asked him to come in person to do the needful and not send emissaries.
What Rajini will do next… well, whatever it is, Tamil Nadu is waiting to make much of it!
 「それは政治かもしれないし、他の何かかもしれません。」と典型的なラジニスタイルで、言いました。 「それは、神のみが知っていることです。」
 そこでこれは、 『Baba』がラジニの白鳥の歌(=最後の作品)かもしれないし、 彼が、今(彼)できるだけ多く作品を作ってから辞めようとしているのでは、という噂に結びつきました。






Saturday August 10, 1:47 PM Yahoo!India(Galatta.com)
Rajinikanth to quit films? 映画から引退しちゃうの?
"If Baba is to become a success, I would quit films", said Rajinikanth in the audio release of the Telugu dubbed version of 'Baba' songs.
Chiranjeevi presented the first Telugu audiocassette to Rajinikanth in the audio release.
Then Rajinikanth in his speech to the press admitted that he thought that his earlier film 'Muthu' would be the last film but later on he could not resist when a script like 'Arunachalam' came by, then it was yet another irresistible strong story and script like 'Padaiyappa' which made him do a film again.
With the phenomenal success of 'Padayappa' it was three-year hibernation period that Rajinikanth went into as far as films are concerned.
According to the actor he was inspired to do the film 'Baba' by a saint he met in America.
He finally got approval and the go-ahead for the film from a saint called as Mahavathar Baba who dwells in the Himalayas.
Rajinikanth concluded his speech by saying that Baba would be his last film if it generated the expected success.
 「もし『BABA』が成功したら僕は引退するかもしれない」 『BABA』のサウンドトラックのテルグ語版でラジニカーントはこう語ります。
 スピーチの中でラジニは、『ムトゥ』が最後の映画になると思っていたが、 『アルナーチャラム』のような台本をほうってはおけなかったし、さらに 『パダヤッパ』の強力なストーリーの魅力に負けてもう一度映画をやろうという気に なった、と述懐しています。  『パダヤッパ』の異例の成功と共に、映画に関して言えばラジニはいわば3年間の冬眠 期を過ごしていたわけです。
 その後、彼はアメリカで出会った聖人から『BABA』を制作するインスピレーションを 得たといいます。ラジニはマハヴァタールババとよばれるヒマラヤに住むその聖 人からやっとのことで映画の承認とゴーサインを得たのでした。
『BABA』が期待通りの成功を収めれば、これが最後の映画になるだろうと言ってラジ ニはスピーチを終えています。 (訳:永井真人さん)
Friday August 9, 5:35 PM Yahoo!India(hansazone)
Rajini and Dr Rajkumar
After sharing the dais with Chiranjeevi in Hyderabad the superstar is heading towards Bangalore.
He will now be sharing the dais with the Kannada superstar Dr Rajkumar to celebrate the 100th day function of Appu on 10 August.
The star of Appu is the Kannada thespian's son Puneet Rajkumar.
Rajini saw the film a few days back in Bangalore and appreciated Puneet's performance.
Dr Ambedkar Bhavan on Millers' Road wears a festive look since it's after a long time that Dr Rajkumar is putting in a public appearance.
Friday August 9, 1:38 PM Yahoo!India(Galatta.com)
More unofficial tips on Baba
While there are still controversies surrounding the release of Baba there are other unofficial news that surround Baba.
One such news is that the film has a scene in which Rajinikanth is praying in the Kaligaambal temple.
The Goddess idol that is used in the Kaligambaal temple scene is the original idol that was got from the worship place of the 'gurukkal' of the temple.
The other news that has been passing through the industry is that with just the audiocassette sales of Baba crossing more than Rs. 15 crores Rajinikanth is planning to build an engineering college from the revenue that will be generated from this film.
Talks and plans are happening fast to build an engineering college in Velacherry, Chennai.  
Wednesday August 7, 5:05 PM Yahoo!India(hansazone)
'Baba' spins his magic on the web Babaの公式サイト
With the release of the film only heart-thudding days away, Baba is now making waves on the web too. The synopsis, stars and the stills of the film are now available via www.studiorajini.com or www.babamovie.com.
The text on the official website has to be read to be believed - it promises Baba viewers an offering packed with 'stunts, spirituality and sentiments'.
While the websites display the sketchy quality of products done in a hurry, they display yet another facet of the superstar's shrewd marketing of his much-awaited film.
And if the text drips with exaggerated flourishes and misplaced adjectives, so what?
Its all part of being Baba...er, Rajinikanth!
Wednesday August 7, 5:00 PM Yahoo!India(hansazone)
Rajini is Chiru's Inspiration ラジニはチルのインスピレーション
The audio release function of Baba in Telugu turned out to be a 'mutual-admiration' platform for superstars Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth.
After releasing the audio cassette Rajini complemented Chiranjeevi on his performance in Indra and described him as the second superstar in India after Amitabh Bachchan.
Rajini revealed that Baba is a commercial film with a 'spiritual' touch and hinted that it could be his last film if it turns out to be a smash hit.
Chiranjeevi was not short of compliments for Rajini either.
Recalling his association with Rajini in the Film Institute in Chennai, Chiru said that Rajini 'inspired' him at every step of his career.
During the making of Apoorva Ragangal in Telugu Chiru took lot of time to satisfy director K.Balachander.
He decided to bid goodbye to acting but gained confidence when he came to know that Rajini also took a few hours to do the same scene.
He had been to Swizterland and met Rajini on the sets of Baba.
When Rajini told him that specific punch lines should be written to suit a star's image Chiranjeevi came back and insisted on having such dialogues for Indra and it paid off.
"Rajini is the one and only superstar in the South and not me because is word has even changed governments" reasons Chiru.
It is learnt that Rajni wanted Rs 10 crores for the Telugu version and with buyers showing reluctance he has decided to release the film himself on August 15th.
August 5 Cinesouth
Hi Madhan! Looks like the whole Tamilnadu is anxiously waiting for Baba's release.

Shanthi was also part of the 6 crore people of Tamilnadu who were counting the days f or the film's release. She couldn't hide her curiosity.

Baba's reservations open on the 10th of this month. Most probably, it would be impossible to get the tickets at the counter for the first 10 days atleast. Hectic activities are on behind the screens. Postproduction works, basically. The people who're selling the tickets in black are extremely enthusiastic about it. It seems they are themselves going to buy the tickets in bulks and sell it at 150-200 bucks to the people.

Good Lord! The best way out is to go to the theatres on the 10th of August and book the ticket in advance. If you're planning to get the tickets at the theatre, you might as well take your whole salary cover with you.

Rajini's is very happy that 'Baba' hasn't got into trouble with the censors. 'Baba' is going to be released is 110 theatres. Most of the theatre owners had borrowed heavily from Pawnbrokers to buy the film's boxes. So, don't be surprised if tickets sell at 1000 bucks at the counters themselves.

I heard that they're done some mind-boggling graphic works too?

Yes. The same group that did the graphics for "Aalavandhan", Total Infotainment Limited (TIL), has done the graphics for this film too.

There's a scene in which Rajini plays basketball. There are scenes in which Rajini's foot prints start emitting sparks. There are more such scenes. Director Shankar had been working on these scenes.

Did you hear the sound track of the film? There was nothing spectacular in it. I only liked the duet song. I tried real hard but I couldn't like the other songs.

Shanthi, The fans feel the same way too. But the superstar himself says that the audience will gradually begin to like Rehman's songs. He said this at the shooting spot. Spirituality forms the core of the film. If spirituality and philosophy seem to be the strongest flavors in the songs, its not Rehman's fault. The story is made that way.

Yeah, Whatever. I don't like the songs. I don't like the songs. I really don't like the songs.

Alright. Stop that. You can say this after seeking the film, Often, the songs that don't sound that good as the audio might look beautiful in the visuals. There are chances that this could happen here.

Could be. Personally, I feel that lyricist Vaali had glorified Rajini a bit too much. Even in the duet song Vairamuthu had written lyrics like "Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu adhu yen Uyirnadu" (Tamilnadu is as dear to me as my life is). Lyrics like these remind me of the olden days in which poets used to write poems that gush about the kings.

Alright, don't think too much. I shall have more news on 'Baba' next time when I meet you.  
August 3 Cinesouth
Daily News Babaの音楽レビュー
AR Rehman has done it again- screwed up another Rajini sound track! How exactly does he manage to demolish Rajini's film songs alone?

Rajini's business acumen in getting AR Rehman might have fetched him millions through cassette sales, but he has not given much thought about the ordinary man who has paid fifty bucks to buy the cassette to listen to it. Has he ever wondered if these songs meet atleast 10% of the expectations of his fans?

The sound track begins with the theme of the film that sounds like an 'Omkaar'. Probably, most of the people would have surely skipped the theme the moment they heard it!

'Baba cinema cinema' must be the introducing song for Rajini in this film. Usually, SPB does the honor of singing the introducing song. This time, it goes to Shankar Mahadevan. It is a philosophy-ridden number. Cinema runs for three hours. Similarly, man's life has three parts too. That's what the song says. You might want to hear the song again and again, not because AR Rehman has done a great job with it, but because of the magic factor called Rajini. The song's opening notes creates an illusion of a western song. That's the only thing one could say in favour of Rehman.

The next song is bound to be a charmer. 'Baba, kichu kichu thaa', a duet, is the only song that sounds 'wow' in the film. This is the only song worth a second hearing. SPB with his ever sixteen voice has added life to the song. Though the song is a duet, Vairamuthu's social awareness lyrics like ' Naanaaga naan irunthaal naatukkenna nallathu adi' (If I were to simply be myself, what good will it do to the nation?) have added punch to the song. Lines like these have not affected the impact of the duet, instead, they have made the song look brilliant.

The remaining three songs are full of philosophy and spirituality. Who would have objected they were along the lines of 'Vetri kodi kattu' and 'kikku yerudhey' ('Padaiappa')? These were philosophy songs too that sounded good.

Singer Karthik's 'Maya maya' was a sub-standard quality song that floated by our ears like the proverbial dewdrop over the lotus leaf. One of the reasons behind the lethargy in the songs is the forcefulness of Vaali's lyrics.

Jayachandran is someone who has a clear diction in Tamil though he is a Malayalee. In his clear voice comes 'Rajjiyamaa illai imayamaa'. The title of the song sounds interesting, but as one moves on to the stanzas, the feeling of lethargy overpowers you.

The film's climax song 'yen nadai kandu' shares the same dubious fate too. The song's tune sounds extremely usual. This makes Karthik and Vairamuthu look buried. Maybe they thought that since it was the climax tune, it might be lively, fast paced and racy. So, they put in all their effort to a very wrong tune.

Whatever class the song belongs to, people have to like it for it to work. AR Rehman was busy in London with his 'Bombay Dreams' musical. 'Baba' was composed in this rush. There is a general belief that Rehman's songs take time to catch up, but they eventually will. Maybe this time, his songs might meet a different fate.

The Tamil film fans are a gullible lot. Without hearing even a single note of the songs, these people stood in long lines to get the cassette coupons. Rehman is probably trying to teach them a good lesson- do not go by the labels alone.



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