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Wednesday July 17, 12:10 PM Yahoo!India(hansazone)
Rajini the marketing wizard Babaのサントラの売り方
The multinational marketing managers can take a lesson or two from the Superstar. The Baba audio cassette launch is on July 15. But one can't walk into the neighbourhood music shop and pick up a cassette.
The fans have to go designated 110 cinema halls in Tamilnadu, pay the money in advance, collect a reservation coupon and exchange it for a cassette.
Even the audio dealers have to approach the theatres to get the cassettes. This is the first time that there is advance booking for audiocassettes. The logic behind this move? To eliminate duplicate studio cassette sales. Truly a marketing innovation.
 ラジニの新作のサウンドトラックのカセットテープは、7/15発売だが、 町のミュージックショップでの販売ではなく、なんとタミルナドゥ州の110の映画館で、 前払いの予約により販売することに。(こういう販売方法は初めてらしく、注目されている)

 とはいえ、この文を書いている7/20現在、まだ発売されていない模様。(Rajnidotcomより) 7/25発売に延期になり、現地のファンはとまどっている様子 (ラフマーンの作曲が遅れたからか?などと憶測が流れている)ですが、この予約販売で購入すると、 Babaの公開から4日以内の座席を確保できるので、 予約購入はファンなら絶対!とか。(19日からクーポン付き予約販売が始まった?)
July 11 dinakaran
Gossips! 映画内の印象的な台詞
Rajinikanth was very careful in not allowing others to smell anything about his 'punch' dialogues in "Baba". To realize this design, as and when the camera started shooting, he simply made lip moements silently, without vocally delivering his dialogue! So, the film unit people themselves were kept in the dark as to what transpired from Rajini's mouth. Yet, what we have gathered, through our sources, as to what could be his punching dialogues, let us present the following list of samples:
'Baba laettaa vanthaalum latestaa varuvaen'
'Baba Sai Baba illae.....Entha pakkamum saayaatha Baba'
'Mudinchathu mudinchi pochchi....Katham...Katham'.
'Yosikkaama pesamaattaen...Paesina piragu yosikka maattaen'.
'Asanthaa adikkirathu unga polici....Asaraama adikkirathu yen polici'.
There are so many pieces of dialogue like this in the film.
ラジニは、人々に彼の『Baba』における「パンチ」 のある台詞に関して事前に情報 が漏れないように非常に注意を払い、撮影が始まると、メディアの前で沈黙を守って いた。しかし、私たちの情報源を通じて私たちが集めた、彼のパンチのある台詞について、 サンプルのリストを紹介しましょう:

Saturday July 13, 3:09 PM Yahoo!India(chalo mumbai)
Rajnikanth film fetches 8 crore in Japan ムンバイでも何か、勘違い...
With the rights of the Tamil film Baba starring Rajnikanth-Manisha Koirala reportedly being sold for a record Rs 8 crore in Japan, the overseas market seems to be picking up after a fall a while ago.

Rajnikanths previous films Muthu and Baasha were big hits in Japan with Muthu making around Rs 24 crore. This has resulted in the southern star becoming very popular in that country. So much so, that one of Rajnikanths duplicates has even shifted base to Japan to rake in the moolah.

Vinod Mirani, editor and trade analyst of Box Office, says that Devdas is expected to make around Rs 30-40 crore in the international market. The film is big and hence there are many expectations.

K3G was also very big abroad, but the makers preferred to distribute the films themselves. Today Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are big draws in the overseas market.

The overseas rights of K3G were distributed by the producer Yash Johar himself. Ditto for Asoka, The Legend of Bhagat Singh, and all Yashraj films among others. Many producers prefer to distribute the overseas rights of their films themselves.

In Japan, Rajnikanth seems to have outdone his Hindi counterparts despite his film being in Tamil.
In the past, Rishi Kapoor was probably the first whose films Bobby, Laila Majnu and Hum Kisise Kum Nahin earned a crore each. Amitabh Bachchan was next and others followed soon after as the markets expanded.

Talking of overseas popularity, Raj Kapoor became an icon in Russia. Mithun Chakraborthy, too, had a portion of Kapoors luck in the country.

By the way, if you go to Japan today and are introduced as an Indian, people ask, Do you know Rajnikanth? But, to date when one visits Egypt, the first question asked to an Indian is How is Amitabh Bachchan?

ラジニとマニーシャーが主演するタミル映画『Baba』の権利が、日本においてなんと 8000万ルピーで売られていると伝えられている。

ラジニの以前の出演作『Muthu』および『Baasha』は日本で大ヒットし、『ムトゥ』 においては2億4,000万ルピーもの興行収入を稼ぎ出しました。南インドのスターは日 本で有名になりました。

Vinod Mirani(売上げのエディターおよび貿易アナリスト)は、大作『Devdas』 (シャー・ルク・カーン、アイシュワリヤー・ラーイ出演。7月現在大ヒット公開中。)は国際市場で3〜4億ルピーぐら いで売れるのでは?と言います。

さらに、『K3G(Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham...)』は外国でビッグヒットでしたが、制作者たちは、映画を自身で配給することを好みました。今日、アーミル・カーン、サルマン・カーンやシャー・ルク・カーンは、海外市場でも大ヒットをもたらします。

 今や日本へ行き、インド人だと紹介されれば、「ラジニカーントを知ってます?」 と人々に聞かれます。
 所変わって、エジプトを訪れたならまず、「アミターブ・バッチャンはどうですか?」 と質問されるのです。
July 8 Chennai Online
Hot property まだ売れてないとも聞くけれど。
News about 'Baba' never stops coming in the media. Buzz from the grapevine has it that the film has been sold at a record cost to the distributors who are vying with one another to get a piece of the cake. With the superstar's considerable fan following in Japan, the rights there have been reportedly sold for a whopping eight crores. Chiranjeevi and Amitabh Bachchan are to make guest appearances in the film.  「Baba」に関するニュースは後をたちません。 業界の噂によれば、フィルムは記録的な値段で売りに出され、 ラジニにかなりのファンである日本では8000万ルピーで売られたとのこと。
July 6 Cinesouth
Shanthi-Madhan! Babaの次の作品は...
Madan, looks like the heat around 'Baba' is increasing as days go by.

What do you think? Now that the shooting has ended, people are curious to find out if Rajini will continue acting. Friends from the industry tell us that he will be back after a holiday break. There is also news that Simran is going about telling everybody that she's going to be the heroine of Rajini's next film.

What an imagination! Simran with Rajini?
Quit that.You would have seen 'Panchatantram' by now. 〜

 何?撮影はもう終わったんだよ。 人々の関心はラジニがこれからも俳優を続けるかどうかなんだ。
 業界の友人から聞いたんだけど、休暇を取ったらラジニは戻ってくるだろうって。 ニュースがもう一つあって、シムランがラジニの次回作にヒロインとして出ると、 周りに言ってまわっているんだ。 シムランとラジニだなんて、ワクワクしちゃうね!

July 6 Cinesouth
Hot News! Babaのメイキングビデオ
'Nakkeeran' Gopal had hinted during an interview that the ruling party is targeting Rajini.    A 30 minute long phone call from Rajini followed.    After the conversation, Rajini had said that it wouldn't be a smart move to antagonize    the ruling party just when his 'Baba' is about to get released.

'Baba's shooting has ended. On one hand, Rajini and Suresh Krishna are busily involved with the editing works of the film. On the other hand, 'baba's baby, Aishwarya is busily involved on her part with 'The Making of 'Baba'.

Most probably, this would be telecasted on Sun TV. Aishwarya is particular that her very first attempt should be full of creativity. So, she's making this documentary with all the new ideas that she could get. The role models for her hard work happen to be the Jackie Chan films.

恐らくは、これはサンTVで放送されるだろう。 アイシュワリヤーはこれが、初めて(アシスタントではなく)全面的に任される仕事で、全知全能を傾けてドキュメンタリーを制作している。
July 6 Cinesouth
Gossips! ラジニの冷戦
The cold war between the captain and superstar had reached the peak when the latter had called for a Press meet on the same day that captain did. The captain had been cribbing to his friends, 'why does he want to compete with me in this too?' Since his new film has turned out very well, he wants to now risk another head on clash with the super by releasing his film on the same day.

Bravo! Excellent competition.

キャプテンの新作が非常によい出来映えなので、(他のスターたちが、客を取られるのを恐れて ラジニの新作の初日にかぶらないように、公開日を早めているに拘らず、)彼はラジニの新作と敢 えて同じ日に公開する いう賭けに出た。

July 1 MSN India
Baba ready for battle Babaの戦闘態勢は準備万端
Trust Rajnikanth to get his timing right.

The man, who is an ardent Raghavendra and Thiruvannamalai Arunachaleshwar devotee, wound up the shooting of his blockbuster Baba last Thursday, a day which is generally considered good for Raghavendra and when the famous temple was being consecrated.

"It was planned that way," he says with his usual economy of words. Now only the dubbing and re-recording is left, he adds.

The film is slated to hit the screens on Independence Day and the cassettes on July 15.

But the question uppermost in most people's mind in Tamil Nadu is what is the film all about. Does it contain politics? Is it a comedy? Well, Rajni says it has got everything. "It has got politics, but won't wound anybody. It has spiritual overtones too".

Adds the film's director Suresh Krissna: "We have really worked hard to satisfy every section of the audience. We know Rajni fans are pretty discerning and demanding".

Suresh Krissna should know.

He has given three mega hits with Rajnikanth before. With Veera, Annamalai and Badsha under his belt, Suresh Krissna accepts that it is a tough act to follow. "They were major hits. I hope this one too is," he smiles.

Baba has been shot in Chennai, Mysore and Switzerland. "The songs by Rahman are good. The performances have also been good," he adds.

There is a galaxy of artistes in the film. Starting with Manisha Koirala, the heroine, the film comprises Nasser, Goundamani, Senthil, Sangavi and Ramya Krishnan.

The last named in fact stole the thunder from Rajni himself in Padayappa. She was a last minute inclusion in the film. "She plays an equally effective role," Rajni says.

There is a strong rumour in the state that this is Rajni's last movie.

After that what? Well, reports have it that he may get into spirutuality or politics. Any which way you look at it, it will be a loss to Tamil films.

A definitive word is expected on the issue during the cassette release of the film.

So all eyes are on July 15.

 彼のブロックバスター・Babaの撮影が先週の木曜日に終了し、後は映画への音入れが 残っているだけだ、とラジニは言った。


 しかし、ほとんどのタミルの人々の関心の全ては、公開日などではなく、映画全体にあるのです。 政治的な内容を含むのか?

「私たちはどんな観客にも楽しんでもらえるようにを満たすためにすごく頑張ったよ。 私たちは、Rajniファンがかなり聡明で多くを要求していることを知っているからね。」


彼は、かつてラジニと組んで3つのメガ・ヒット 『Veera』、『アンナーマライ』、『バーシャ!』を世に送りだした。 それに続くことは、大変なことと認識している。 「それらは大ヒットでした。『Baba』もそれに続くことを願っています。」 と彼は微笑む。


マニーシャー・コイララー(ヒロイン)に始まり、ナーサル、ガウンダマニ、センディル、サンガヴィ、 そして、ラミヤー・クリシュナンが共演する。

 最後に指名されたラミヤーは、実際、『パダヤッパ』の中で主役のラジニを喰う勢いだった。  彼女は映画の最後の数分間に出演する。



Wednesday July 3, 4:50 PM Yahoo!India (hansazone)
Suresh Krishna on 'Baba' スレーシュ・クリシュナー監督のコメント
We started the film on March 24th. We shot for 75 days. We shot the film in Mysore, Hyderabad, Switzerland and Chennai. After Veera, Annamalai and Baasha the expectation from the public is very high. We have politics in the film and lots of graphics done by our own people and some in Australia. Ramya is the surprise element in the film. We have filmed 5 songs and five fight sequences.
Audiocassettes will be released on July 15th and the film will hit the screen on August 15th.
Manisha Koirala, Sangavi, Delhi Ganesh, Nambiar, Sujatha, Goundamani, Senthil, Ashish Vidyaarthi, Vijayakumar, Radha Ravi, Ramya, Nassar, Seema, Karunas, Vasu Vikram are the artistes. Sayaji Shinde and Amrish Puri play guest roles. For your information there is no Chiranjeevi or Mohan Babu in the film. Rajni reported for shooting at 6 am and worked for 18 hours a day. This made it possible for us to finish before the scheduled date. As for Prakashraj walking out of the film, we did not sign him on. He came on his own and loitered around in the sets and left.
 私たちは3月24日に撮影を開始し、75日で完了するのを目標にしていた。 私たちは、マイソール、ハイデラバード、スイスおよびチェンナイで撮影した。 Veera、AnnamalaiおよびBaashaといった作品の後、周囲の期待が非常に高かった。
 私たちは、政治的なものを取り入れたし、うちのスタッフやオーストラリアのスタッフで 多くのグラフィックスを挿入した。

 5曲の歌と5つのファイトシーンがあるよ。 カセットテープは7月15日にリリース、映画は8月15日にスクリーンに登場する予定だ。 マニーシャー・コイララー、サンガヴィ、デリー・ガネーシュ、Nambiar、スジャーター、ガウンダマニ、 センディル、Ashish Vidyaarthi、ヴィジャイヤクマール、ラーダーラヴィ、ラミヤーナーサル、Seema、  Karunas(Vasu Vikram)が共演する。
  Sayaji Shindeおよびアムリーシュ・プリーはゲスト出演する。 ちなみに、チランジーヴィやモーハンバーブは出演していない。

 Rajniは撮影のために、朝6時から、1日当たり18時間働いたと言っているよ。 おかげで、予定日より前に撮影を完了できた。
 映画を降板したプラカーシュラージについては、契約していなかった。 彼は自分でやって来て、セットの中をぶらついて、そして去っていったんだ。
Tuesday July 2, 10:15 AM Yahoo!India(hansazone)
Lawrence and 'Baba': A Flashback! 出世して再会
Lawrence, the choreographer-turned-hero, who is to direct the dance sequences of 'Baba' has an interesting incident to narrate.

During his early days, when he was merely a car driver to stunt-director Super Subbarayan, he had driven his master to the shooting locale of Rajini's 'Dharmadurai'.
Everyday, Rajini would watch Lawrence clean the car. One day, an assitant told Rajini that Lawrence, the car driver, could dance as well. Rajini, who was surprised, then called Lawrence and asked him to dance before him. He than asked Lawrence to meet him the following Thursday, after the shooting schedule was over. When Lawrence actually met him, he gave him a letter and asked him to go to Choreographers' Union, give them the letter and tell them that he had sent him. "Take up dancing as your profession," the superstar had then advised.

Today,the same 'driver-turned-dancer-master' Lawrence was choreographing the 'superstar-turned-legend' Rajini for 'Baba'. Apparently, when he asked Rajini "Sir, do you remember me? I am that car driver of Subbarayan master whom you sent to the Dancers' Union," Rajini jumped up from his seat and hugged Lawrence saying, "Arre Wah! You have now become big enough to choreograph me? Good, Good." Just goes to show that the small can become mighty and the mighty can rise to be legends... with just a helping hand!
『Baba』のダンスを振りつけるローレンス (かつて振付師だったが、やがてヒーローを演じる俳優に転じた)には、興味深いエピソードがある。

若い頃、スタント・マスター Super Subbarayanの単なる運転手にすぎなかったとき、 彼は自分の主人を、ラジニの『Dharmadurai』の撮影現場まで車で送り迎えしていた。
日頃、ラジニは、ローレンスが自動車を清掃していたのを目にしていただろう。  ある日、あるアシスタントが、ローレンス(自動車ドライバー)がダンスが上手いよ、と ラジニに伝えた。
 それで驚いたラジニは、ローレンスに電話し、次の木曜日の撮影の後に、自分の前で踊ってみてくれ、 と彼に依頼した。
 彼は、実際にラジニに会った時、ラジニはローレンスに、ダンスマスター組合へ行って、 この手紙を渡し、 自分が君を(紹介するために)派遣したと彼らに伝えてくれるように依頼した。

 今や、同じ「ドライバーからダンスマスターに出世した」ローレンスは、『Baba』用の 「スーパースターから伝説になった」ラジニの振り付けをしていた。
見たところでは、彼がRajiniを尋ねた時、  「サー、私を覚えてますか。私はあなたがかつて組合に行かせた、 マスター・Subbarayanの運転手だったんですよ。」

「Arre Wah! 今や私の振り付けをするまでにビッグになったんだね? すばらしい!」


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