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Rajini’s film to start in August?ラジニ新作撮影開始は8月?
Good news for die-hard fans of Rajinikanth. Okay, his new film’s script at last is ready. But the film will start filming from August, according one close associate of Rajinikanth. It will have a ‘surprising director’, he said. All the talk about K.S.Ravikumar being the director of Rajini’s new film is turned out to be untrue. He said that Rajini is planning to launch this film in a big way. He wants to give Tamil filmdom a big hit so that it can come out of recession.  ラジニの熱狂的なファン達に朗報だ。いいかい、彼の新作のスクリプトがついに準備できた。
 しかし、ラジニに親しいある筋の話によると、撮影は8月から開始だ。「聞いたらびっくりする監督だ」と彼は言った。 K.S.ラヴィクマールが監督するというのが定説だったが、それは真実ではないとわかるだろう。
 ラジニは、この映画を大々的に制作開始する計画を立てているところだ、と彼は語った。 ラジニはタミル映画界に大ヒット作を送り込み、映画界の停滞を打破したいと願っている。
 長らく、次回作はK.S.ラヴィクマールが監督をすると報道され続けていましたが、ここに来て異論が出ました。 私の希望としては、(前々から言ってますが)シャンカル監督と一度ぜひ組んで欲しいですが、誰かな?(5/16 up)
Rajini’s anguish over G.V.! ラジニのG.V.への耐え難い悲しみ
A condolence meeting was conducted by the Producers Association to mourn the demise of GV. AVM Saravanan, KRG and the president of the association, K Rajan and others had attended the meeting at Devi Cinema Complex. Rajini said, ” PU Chinappa had committed suicide by consuming lead. I have heard stories that Ponannap Bhagavadar was reduced to begging at railway stations. There would have been people who had used them when they were rich and famous. These heartless people didn’t bother to help them when they were in trouble. “Even after a hundred years, GV’s suicide will be talked about. They would say, “He had a friend called Rajini who didn’t bother to help him out. Once, he had come to see me. I asked him if he wanted any help from me. But, he had come to invite me for his son’s wedding. He said, “Business has its own challenges. I don’t mind facing mine”. “I rushed immediately to his house when I heard the news. “‘Sokkathangam’ and ‘Tamiz’ were good films. ‘Dhool’ is a superhit film. But, why did they not make a good collection? “Pirated VCDs alone is not the reason. Instead of having those rights, we should sell them to others. The CM is well aware of the problems in the industry. We can get rid of this problem if she brings laws prohibiting it. Let me speak as a producer now. I made ‘Baba’. The film was to be released in August. People told me to postpone it. It would lead to heavy losses to the distributors. So, I didn’t postpone it. I was able to reimburse their losses too. May God bless my friends. I can deal with the enemies myself. “I have one thing to say to new producers- movie making has to be a passion. Don’t put everything into making films. Keep something apart for your family and future. Don’t invest all your profits into films. Buy lands. Invest. Don’t throw everything into films.”  プロデューサー組合により、GVの死去を追悼する会が行われた。
AVM サラヴァナン、KRG、組合の長であるK ラージャンやその他関係者が、デーヴィ・シネマコンップレックス(注1)で行われたこの会に出席した。


私は、Ponannap Bhagavadarが駅で物乞いをするまで落ちぶれた、という話を聞きました。


私たちはそうした権利を所持せずに売るべきです。 州首相はこの業界での問題に気が付いてます。 彼女がそうしたことを禁止する法令を制定してくれさえすれば、解決するでしょう。」


 「これから映画制作に関わる人たちに言いたいことがあります。…….映画制作には情熱が必要です。 だけど、あなたたちの全てを映画制作に振り向けてはいけません。あなたの家族やその将来のことも考えてください。

(注5)~現在大ヒット中のヴィクラム主演作。表立ってクレジットされていないが、GV Filmsも関わっていた模様。

 親友を救うことができなかったという、ラジニの無念さが伝わってくるコメントです…。 GVのご冥福と、彼の残された家族やラジニが早く立ち直られるのを祈るばかりです。(5/18)
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GV Suicide And After GV自殺とその後
The late GV was a close friend of Rajnikanth. In fact the superstar was the first person to reach GV’s house on hearing the news. When asked whether he could have bailed GV out of his financial mess by doing a film or buying his vast estates in Mahabalipuram (which were up for sale) Rajni said that GV never told him anything about the financial mess he was in! Some private financiers from Madurai are suspected to have threatened GV, which led him to the take the fatal step. Karthikeyan, The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Kilpauk) said: “We are investigating in all directions and are studying the links that the private financiers had with the producer. ” Meanwhile a pall of gloom has descended over GV films, which was basically a one-man operation. Now the big question is what will happen to this public limited company and its employees?  近年のGVは、ラジニカーントととても親しくしていた。 実際、ニュースを聞いてまっ先にGVの家に駆け付けたのは、スーパースターだった。

 映画制作で組むとか、彼のマハーバリプラムの広大な屋敷(それは売りに出されていた)を買うことで、GVを彼の金銭問題から救い出せたのではないか、と尋ねられたラジ二は、こう語った、 「GVは自分が抱えていた金銭問題に関して、私に何も語ったことはなかった」と!
 マドゥライの何人かの闇金融業者がGVを脅迫していたことが、この悲劇を導いたと疑われている。 Karthikeyan(警察(Kilpauk)の代理の委員)は言った;
 そうこうするうちにも、GVの死は、彼のワンマン経営だった会社「GV Films」に影を落とした。この有限会社とその従業員の身に何がこれから降り掛かってくるか、心配なところである。

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No sign of Rajini’s new releases!
Sathya Narayana denies all rumours
‘Mudhra’ According to rumors, this was the name of Rajini’s next film. After Simran’s supposed marriage and Simpu’s Rs 2 Crore, this is the hottest story in Kollywood. Deva was going to score the film’s music and KS Ravikumar was going to direct it. Rajini’s name in the film was going to be ‘Muthuramalingam’, ‘Mudra’ for short. There were also stories that this film will be released on the very day that Kamal’s ‘Sandiar’ was going to be released. Now comes the best part. Sathyanarayanan says, “There’s no way that Rajini is going to clash with Kamal. Rajini’s new film hasn’t been finalized yet. This is the truth. Had there been any development, Rajini would have himself announced it. All the stories about Rajini’s new film are false.” So, who is Sathyanarayanan? He is the head of Rajinis’ fan clubs. News can’t get more legitimate than that!  「Mudhra」(ムドゥラー)









 ラジニ陣営のスポークスマンである、サティヤナラヤナン氏がラジニの新作の噂について否定。 この文章だけでは、ラジニの新作が、制作そのものに着手しているかどうかとかは分かりませんねぇ。
 それにしても、この噂の前のホットな話題、というのが、(シムランの結婚~結局は、ガセネタ~は分かるにしても、)「リトル・スーパースター」こと、シンブー君のギャラ、とは…(デビュー2年目の彼の【Dham】が今ヒット中らしいけど)。(5/5 up)

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