ラジニニューススクラップ 2001 December

Celebrity / インド映画界の人々の話


2001.Dec. Will Rajini stand up and speak? MSN India

Rajnikanth is a riddle wrapped in mystery, or whatever it is that Winston Churchill might have said about Russia. Anyway, he is not only as unpredictable as the weather, but also is as inscrutable as the weatherman.


For nearly two years after his blockbuster Padaiyappa, the superstar has kept the entire Tamil Nadu wondering about his next move.
One day there would be a report that he was going to do a film with Shankar (or is it K S Ravikumar?). The next day another report would come saying that he would definitely take the plunge into politics. The third day the mystery would deepen with denials in some regional language newspapers!

Though it is fair to say that some of these news items were just throwing darts in the darkness, the fact of the matter is Rajnikanth has been keeping others guessing regularly. He has left too many blanks for others to fill. Whether a popular actor like him should be doing that is a point of debate amongst his fans and critics alike.

Take the case of his recent surprise visit to a small hamlet near Palakkad in Kerala. First it was said that he had gone to the popular healing spot in Perunkodu for rejuvenation. It was also said that he was there at the behest of his Malayalam counterpart Mohan Lal. As it happens, his trusted friend and Telugu actor Mohan Babu had accompanied Rajnikanth.

According to the news that trickled out (as usual Rajnikanth did not speak to the press), the actor was there in Palakkad to get him refreshed and get rid of some niggling health worries.

Everything was okay to start with, but now it is different. The grapevine is working overtime. Every report is attributing newer and newer reason for his visit to the famous healing place. The vernacular rag sheets are going to town with what they call as ‘sensational scoops’ on Rajini’s health.

One of them is saying is that Rajnikanth is having a severe nervous problem, and the visit to the Namboodiri’s retreat was to cure that. There were a lot of takers to the story simply because Rajnikanth has had a famous nervous breakdown in his life before. Of course, that was before he became the superstar that he is now.

Another news item said that Rajnikanth has had lot of stress in his life recently (the relationship between him and his wife is described as icy by these rags) and he is known to be a chain smoker and drinker. The stress has had a severe effect on his mental faculties, the report added.

Industry wags claim that the actor was having psychological problems and he was being treated for some mental malfunction. If this was grave, a few other reports talked out weird afflictions.

It is more than clear that the rumour mongers are having a field day. And the main reason for that is Rajnikanth’s silence. Sources close to him indicate that a rest and recuperation was essential for the actor though they stoutly deny any other reason for the trip. “This Ayurveda clinic is visited by many of the top people in India for its great massage and oil treatment. Why the fuss when Rajnikanth goes?” asks one of the star’s close confidants.

While one tends to pooh-pooh most of the reports that appear about the ‘star illness’, it must be said that unless Rajnikanth breaks the silence says something, a lot of trash will continue to be written about him.

That is neither good for him or for the Tamil film industry that looks up to him as almost a god.

Time for him to stand up and be heard Padayappa!
(source: India Syndicate)

2001.Dec.22 Rajnikanth stays mum rediff.com

Speculations can now be put to rest.

from rediff.comRajnikanth‘s birthday has come and gone, and there is still no announcement from the superstar about a film with hotshot director Shankar, or anyone else for that matter.

Rajnikanth is content, seemingly, to remain in hibernation. Shankar, however, is moving on.

He was originally supposed to do a sci-fi film, Robot, with Kamal Hassan but that project has been shelved following the non-performance of Abhay (Aalavandaan, in Tamil) at the box office.

Then came the news that talks were on with Rajnikanth — but that, too, has been scotched with the buzz being that Shankar wanted AM Rathnam (who last teamed with the director on the Anil Kapoor-starrer Nayak) as his producer while Rajnikanth preferred to work with others.

So Shankar is moving on with Boys, a film featuring five boys and a girl, all fresh faces in the industry. The film is supposed to be young, and romantic, and that is all he is saying for now.

And yes, A M Rathnam will produce this one.







2001.Dec. Bloodstone becomes Virus Galatta.com

GalattaAll die hard Rajini fans will surely remember his first Hollywood movie Bloodstone produced by the Amritraj brothers. And now Bloodstone is being remade as Virus in Tamil after all these years. Ilayaraja scores the music and the movie is being shot under the production banner of Excellent Movies. Another film that is being remade in Hindi is Simran-Vijay hit movie Thullatha Manamum Thullum.



イライヤラージャーが音楽を担当し、Excellent Moviesの制作で撮影される予定。さらに、シムランとヴィジャイのヒット作『Thullatha Manamum Thullum』もヒンディー語でリメイクされる予定。

 11月に見つけた記事でもこの映画のことが出てきましたが、「吹き替え」ではなく、「リメイク」? このリメイク版にはラジニは出演するんでしょうか?(2001.12.17)

2001.Dec.14 Rajanikant’s no to politics Screen

ScreenTamil superstar Rajanikant has set to rest speculation in the media that he was about to enter politics. “I known only about movies and the film industry is my home. I know nothing about politics,” said Rajanikant to journalists in Kuttanad (Kerala) where he was on a vacation. This comes close on the heels of the announcement from Kamal Haasan who said that he would come to politics with a message of peace and love.

The superstar said that his next film was not yet finalised because the director and story were not ready yet.

Annamalai is his favourite film and fish curry prepared in Thiruvananthapuram style brings him to Kerala often. “It’s true that I go and meditate in Hrishikesh for mental peace” said Rajanikant.





 なんと、役者バカとさえ言われる演技派のカマルハーサンが政界入りを表明し、政界入り確実と称されるラジニがそれを否定するという、驚きの展開! ラジニが映画引退を否定した、ということだとしたら、ファンにはすごくうれしいことです!

2001.Dec.10 The next mega move Chennai Online

A little town in Palghat, Kerala, was a hub of activity recently
when the Tamil superstar accompanied by his good friend Telugu actor Mohan Babu went to a health-and-care institution for improving his body fitness. Naturally the Malayalm press swooped down on the place to the irritation of the guests. ‘We’ll go away if our privacy is intruded in any way,’ the superstar is said to have told the chief there. But what can be done, with fame comes such types of irritation too? The superstar is scheduled to return with some big news. This body-fitness programme may well be a prelude to his announcing his new film when he returns home.
Who should be the lucky one who gets to direct his new film?
Some say it is to be Shanker. Meanwhile his favourite director K.S.Ravikumar was also noticed visiting the superstar at his place.