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2002.Mar.30  Should Rajini be fined Rs.500? Cinesouth


With lot of pomp and celebrations, 'Baba' began at Vadapalani's A.V.M Studios.

Every other day, media carries some news or other about the film. All said and done, one thing is clear - Rajini has a very sharp business acumen.

Even before the film's shooting had begun, advance had been collected from almost all the theatres in Tamilnadu. There is also news that they had got Pepsi and Gold winner to sponsor them. The Insiders predict that these two alone would bring in enough money to complete the shooting of the film, which means Rajini is going to rake in profits without investing even a single Rupee. Is he? Only time will tell.

Manisha Koirala is the heroine. The Japanese heroine who had been at the sets during the Poojas will ensure the Japanese interest. The wave created by 'Muthu' and 'Padaiyappa' is yet to settle in Japan. Not that a Japanese actress is starring with the hero of these films, the Japanese magazines are busy giving priority covering to this film. This is more than enough to keep the Japanese fans fanning brightly this August.

On the first day of the film, local magazines featured stills of Rajini with a 'beedi' in his lips, with the finger and the little finger stretched out.

In Hollywood, many leading stars have decided to avoid been shown with a smoke in the films out of concern for the environment. India too has enacted Laws that expressly ban smoking in public places with a fine of Rs.500, for violation.

But, Rajini wouldn't change for anybody.

The role-model of the youth, Rajini is seen in the posters of 'Baba' with beedies. These youngsters are bound to follow the footsteps of their idol, Rajini. They are bound to think, 'when our "Thalaivar" himself smokes, and that too so stylishly, what is wrong with us doing it too?' aren't they? If smoking in public places draws a fine of Rs.500, should we also not impose fine on those who tempt them to do so? What do you say, 'Baba' Sir?





2002.Mar.25, 5:55 PM  Baba and the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’  Yahoo!India (Galatta.com)


Shattering all wild rumors and gossip being spread that the launch of Rajinikanth's Baba was planned to secretively take place on March 23rd the actual launch of Baba took place on March 24th 2002 as announced to the press. With simplicity being his keyword the launch of Baba took place in a very simple style at a Lord Ganesha temple in the AVM Studio, Chennai. Present in the muhurat of the film was an actress of oriental origin, a Japanese actress. It is too early to know if a whole Japanese family is being used in the cast of the film but what is known is that the superstar has a dedicated clan of fans among the Japanese too. Present during the launch of Baba were his political mentor 'Cho' Ramasamy, professional guiding star Director K.Balachander, A.V.M Saravanan, Nambiar and Senthil. While the daily papers carried the still of Rajinikanth smoking and the tag line of the movie 'Known is a drop...unknown is a ocean, the lawyers of Rajinikanth have issued a legal notice banning unauthorized use of Baba & anything to do with Rajinikanth's previous films for other commercial purposes. For all those die-hard fans of Rajinikanth, a few extra trivia about the Rajinikanth's 150th film, BABA:

While most of Rajinikanth's films are shot in Mysore predominantly, the shooting of Baba will take place in Chennai for the first 40 days and then will be shot in Hyderabad and Mysore.

An entire railway station has been replicated with railway tracks, a goods train and about 200 junior artistes working everyday at the cost of 45 lakhs in Chennai.

Manisha Koirala acts as the heroine. Goundamani stars with Rajinikanth after 7 years. Goundamani's last film was with Rajinikanth in "Uzhaipaali". Ashish Vidyarthi who starred in Vikram's Dhil stars as the villain. Suresh Krishna directs the film while A.R.Rehman scores the music.

2002.Mar.25, 5:15 AM  BABA………We told you so Yahoo!India (hansazone)


As we had told you earlier the Rajanikanth starrer BABA was launched in Kalikambal temple in Chennai on March 23 .

Rajanikanth and producer director S Ramanathan alone were present. The script was blessed by the priest . The temple recently caught the attention of the superstar who was taken there by Ramanathan. The superstar went into meditation at the temple. The priest was delighted to bless the superstar and now hopes that the temple will attract a lot more devotees in future. On the announced date ( March 24) Rajani arrived in a tourist taxi to AVM taking everybody by surprise. The familiar white ambassador was missing. He came out after an hour and went to the vinayakar temple, broke a coconut , and said a prayer.

K Balchander, Cho, AVM Saravanan , K S Ravikumar, Senthil, Rahman, Vairamuthu and the unit members with the exception of Manisha Koirala were present. Within no time the Superstar was whisked away by his security men and escorted out of the studio.

2002.Mar.25, 5:10 AM  More on BABA Yahoo!India (hansazone)


BABA is making waves on many fronts. It is for the first time that a Tamil film producer has issued a notice saying that using of BABA for commercial purposes will invite copyright infringement. The stylised BABA title has been copyrighted .

Corporate sponsors have lined up and already PEPSI and HENKEL have been tied up to sponsor parts of the film. Shooting begins soon in a set being created by art director GK to represent a North Chennai suburb complete with railway lines.

TV crews were banned from covering the function.

2002.Mar.25  Baba Launched  Sify Movies


The Puja of Rajnikanth's magnum opus Baba was conducted in front of the small Ganesha temple at AVM Studio in Chennai on March 24th. Wearing a light green shirt and blue jeans, Rajni did a nine-minute puja'muhurat' shot and then disappeared. Those who attended the 'muhurat' included Rajni's mentor, K.Balachandar and political guru, Cho Ramaswamy. Rajni has roped in a Japanese actress to act in the film. She was seen dressed in a South Indian half saree. Later the shooting of the film commenced at the old Campa-Cola estates in Guindy under heavy security.

Meanwhile all major Sunday newspapers carried prominent ads about the launch of Baba . In the ad Rajni is seen with a bandana tied around his forehead, puffing a beedi and making a gesture with his hand. Anyway the tagline for the film says - "Known is a drop...Unknown is an ocean..!"

A separate public notice has also been issued by ARM Associates making it clear that, they alone are the copyright holders of Rajni's Baba and they hold all the merchandise rights for the film. Those violating the order would face legal proceedings.

2002.Mar.24  Speculation about Baba Chennai Online

The superstar had tried to rope in Aishwaria Rai for his ‘Padayappa’. But apparently she had no dates. But soon enough she signed Rajeev Menon’s ‘Kandukonden Kandukonden’. “A Hindi film of mine got cancelled, so I’ve given those dates to Rajeev,” was her explanation. There was an attempt to get her to do ‘Baba’ too. But it seems the former Ms.World has no dates this time either. As far as one knows, she is having just a couple of Hindi films in her kitty. Whatever the reason for her not doing a Rajini film, her loss has been Manisha Koirala’s gain. The Nepalese beauty is doing ‘Baba’, and she’s been paid an advance too. Also in the cast are Kiran (of ‘Gemini’, Sanghavi, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Prakashraj. The formal launching is planned for 24th March, and the film is to be released on August 15th. Meanwhile, speculation is on as to what ‘Baba’ is all about.

2002.Mar.20, 12:22 PM  Latest on ‘Baba’ Yahoo!India (hansazone)

Rajinikanth has decided to launch ‘Baba’ 23rd March. He is going to do it without any fanfare. An air of secrecy surrounds the launch. Only a few special invitees will be allowed. To witness this very private affair. The superstar will then publish ads on 24th March in leading dailies stating that the film has been launched. Rajini’s fans have been waiting for three years for this moment. They are expected to throng the launch in large numbers and are likely to create law and order problems. To avoid this the date had been given to the dailies as the 24th. The venue is not going to be AVM Studios as announced earlier.

2002.Mar.20, 10:20 AM  Rajini’s Daughter to Direct Yahoo!India (hansazone)

Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya, a Bharatanatyam exponent, has always said that she wants to be involved in film making. Now she is getting her break in papa’s new movie ‘Baba’. She is going to assist director Suresh Krishna. She wanted to go abroad and study direction. Her dad who was a student of the Film Institute in Chennai feels that she should first learn the basics as an associatate and then learn the theory. Aishwarya wants to be one of the successful women directors like Mira Nair. One day she may direct her dad.

2002.Mar.Rajnikanth is racing against time to start Baba by March 21.  Sify Movies


Guess who is coordinating behind the scenes for Baba ? It is none other than Aishwarya Rajnikanth, the superstar's daughter. She is working almost like an assistant to director Suresh Krissna. The art director of the film, GK has put up a huge village set at the old Campa Cola premises at Guindy in Chennai. Chotta.K.Naidu, a Telugu cameraman is the cinematographer of the film. Balakumaran is giving finishing touches for those hard-hitting dialogues in the film. Comedian Goundamani has been roped in along with Senthil to do the comedy tracks.

However a lot of teething troubles are also there. Actor Satyaraj was supposed to do a powerful role with shades of grey but has backed out at the last minute. Prakash Raj has replaced him. Manisha Koirala, who landed up the other day started throwing tantrums. The reason - Rajni was not there personally to receive her! Added to that there are all sorts of wild rumours making the rounds like Rajnikanth is doing a Pepsi commercial. When contacted, a spokesperson of PEPSICO said, "NO,we have not signed Mr Rajnikanth. Our brand ambassador for Tamilnadu is Mr. Madhavan".

2002.Mar.  Rajinikanth’s strategies  Galatta.com

Though the superstar has a house at Madras he mostly resides at his farmhouse at Kelambakkam near Mahabalipuram. But with the works of his next movie Baba happening he has moved to his hotel in Nungambakkam wherein a room has been converted to the Baba’s office. News around tinsel town is that ever since talks about his movie has been going on, artistes from all walks have been dialing the phone to bag a role for themselves in the movie. Finding no time to attend to his works with the phone always off its hook, the superstar has ordered no more phone calls be transferred to him, so all the actors started going in person to see Rajinikanth and remind him that they are around, in case he has a role for them in his mind. Rajinikanth who has been very tight-lipped about this project to the media, fired his watchman recently for leaking news to the reporters as to who were seeing the superstar when and for what?

2002.Mar.13  Facts, Events And Interesting Stories   Dinakaran


In the 10 years period between 1975 and 1985, Rajinikanth had finished acting in a total of 120 films, in 5 different languages viz: Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi. In 1985, Rajini acted in the English film "Blood Stone".




2002.Mar.12  Ash Says No To Baba  Tamil European.com


Aishwarya RaiRajnikanth, the mega star who has announced his new film Baba was very keen to sign Aishwarya Rai as his heroine. But sources close to the actress tells us that she is not very keen to do the film as she is refusing to reduce her fees.
Ash is saying that she is too busy with her home production in Hindi and also doing patch work for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas. Added to that Rajni wants her dates during April and May which she has committed to a Hindi producer and also a Coke commercial. But the real issue is her fees, which is Rs.2 crore. Rajni is not willing to pay her anything more than Rs.50 lakhs. The mega star's argument is that the Jyothika's and Simran's are dying to act with him for a paltry Rs.25 lakhs. So why go and blow up money on a former Miss World, who anyway would be an ornamental piece in his film.


 新作『Baba』について発表したメガ・スターのラジニカーントは、アイシュワリャ・ラーイをヒロインに迎えることを熱望していた。 しかし彼女に近い筋の話によると、彼女が自分のギャラを下げてまでラジニと映画を撮りたいとはあまり思っていないらしい。

 アッシュは、拠点にしているヒンディー映画、さらにSanjay Leela Bhansali Devdasのための仕事などで、超多忙だと言っている。

しかし、実際の問題は彼女の出演料が2000万ルピーだということ。ラジニは、彼女に500万ルピー以上支払う気がない。 メガ・スターの論点は、(タミルのトップ女優である)ジョーティカーやシムランがわずか250万ルピーであっても彼と共演したいということ。


2002.Mar. ちょいと噂ばなし



 ホントだったら、ラジニの女性の好みを探るヒントになるか?(笑) かつての宮沢りえちゃんはちょっとぽっちゃりしてチャーミングだったけど、今も美しいけど細すぎる感じするよ。昔むかしの写真を送ったのかしら?南インド女優の隣に立とうものなら、体格差が物凄そう...。(2002.3.15)

2002.Mar.8  Rajni takes on Jaya  Rediff.com


The three-year wait has finally come to an end.

When Rajnikanth announces a film, the fun begins -- a bit of gossip here, a trickle of information there, a gradual build up of momentum, all leading up to the grand release.

His latest venture is no exception. Baba will have Suresh Krssna, the director of Kamal Hassan-starrer Abhay (Aalavandhan in Tamil) at the helm.

It also stars Manisha Koirala and another female star playing the two leading roles opposite Rajnikanth. Manisha, we are told, was signed on at Kamal's recommendation (Kamal having worked with her on the Shankar-directed film Indian and Suresh Krssna's Abhay).

Kamal is also believed to have recommended Simran for the second female lead slot, having recently worked with her on Pammal K Sambandham.

The storyline seems very interesting. It is no secret that Jayalalitha Jayaram, chief minister of Tamil Nadu, seems to rub the swarthy superstar the wrong way. Thus, in his recent films, his dialogues have been specifically written to reflect two themes: That he is no supporter of the lady politico and that one of these days, he will enter politics for real and shake things up good.

Baba continues the trend. The storyline revolves around a public figure who takes sanyas [meditation] -- and then a political development and the rise of a particularly obnoxious politician, forces him to come out of his self-imposed isolation for the sake of society.

Is this an indication that, as happened on a famous occasion earlier, Rajnikanth readying to assume a high political profile and throw his weight behind the opposition DMK once more?

The answer to that one is anybody's guess.

2002.Mar.6 Baba Makes Peace Sify Movies


Rajnikanth after eight long years has made peace with his 'bete noire' Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. Rajni had opposed Jaya's earlier government and carried out a crusade against her with punch lines like-"Even God cannot save Tamilnadu if Jayalalithaa is voted back to power"(just before 1996 state elections). But now he has changed tracks. After her stupendous comeback, the actor sent a bouquet to Jayalalithaa just before she was sworn in as the Chief Minister with a letter wishing her all success to make Tamilnadu the number one state in the country!

Rajni's turn around has once again proved that he is a businessman first, and then an actor. At a time when his Baba is to be launched, he needs the state government support, which is important for the smooth completion of the film. Anyway it was very nice on Rajni's part to bury the hatchet and we hope that the Chief Minister would also respond the same way.





2002.Mar.5 Facts, Events And Interesting StoriesDinakaran


◆1:Office attendant job was the first ever job undertook by Rajinikanth. For this his monthly salary was rupees 60.
◆2:Rajinikanth's favourite Hindi actor is Sathrugan Sinha.
◆3:"Annai Oar Aalayam", featured by Rajinikanth and produced by 'Devar Films', was released in 14 theatres, the same day, in Bangalore!
◆4:K.Balachander-Rajinikanth's first ever meeting had taken place at Madras Film Institute, in Chennai. Rajini had during then put the following question to Balachander: "What do you expect from an actor, apart from acting?" To this Balachander had given the curt reply: "An actor shouldn't act outside cinema, in the real life".

From that day onwards Rajinikanth has taken the vow not to act
in real life, apart from his films!



Sathrugan Sinhaだ。
Devar Films社制作の映画"Annai Oar Aalayam"がバンガロールの14もの映画館で同じ日に公開された。

◆1は、スーパースターなラジニも、最初は月給60ルピーの生活をしていたんですね~。(ホントかな?)◆3は、バンガロールで14館もの映画館で上映されるとはすごい!って意味なんでしょうか? ◆4は、ラジニは自分を見失わないように心に誓った、ってことなのかな。時々日本でも、芸能人夫婦の離婚会見で「彼女は家でも女優だったので…」という理由が出てきたりするから、何となく意味が分かるような。(2002.3.7) 

2002.Mar.4,12:46 PM Rajnikanth signs Manisha Koirala Yahoo! India


Rajnikanth's search for heroine has ended with Manisha Koirala being signed to act in Baba. Aishwarya who was the first choice and Simran the next could not give him dates in bulk from May. It is said that even an astronomical offer of Rs Two crores could not help Simran as she is so heavily booked by the Telugu industry.



2002.Mar.4,12:02 PM Rajnikant returns to the silver screen Yahoo! India

After a three-year long hiatus actor Rajnikant has announced his next film. Called Bhabha, the story of the film is being kept under wraps. Suresh Krishna who has mostly directed Rajnikant flicks shall wield the megaphone once again for this venture. Though the film is yet to hit the floors, it has been the talk of the town already. People are talking that it’ll create a record of sorts in the Southern film industry. His devoted fans are obviously delighted with Rajni’s decision to make a film. The script has been written by the actor himself who believes in doing one film at a time. Meanwhile the hunt is on for the leading lady to play his heroine in the film.

2002.Mar.1  Manisha bags ‘Baba’  Tamil Galatta.com


The finally broken unspoken silence was worth more than the new fashion jewelry Collection-G that was launched recently to his fans when Rajinikanth announced his next movie ‘Baba’. Though the director of the movie had been decided as Suresh Krishna the producer had been trying to get the heavenly beauty walking on earth Aishwarya Rai to star opposite Rajinikanth but the damsel is having more than her share of problems with her ex-love Salu coming up with new plans to embarrass her and making news every other alternate day, she had turned down the offer due to non-availability of dates. So it’s now the leonine Manisha Koirala bagging the chance to star opposite the superstar. While talks are still going on to get A.R.Rahman to score the music for the film Karthi Chidambaram and Srinidhi Chidambaram presented a copy of Kriya Kreative Sound’s ‘Mahavishnu’ to the actor. The others presented at the launch of this album were Anita Ratnam and Nityashree Mahadevan.

2002.Mar.1 Manisha Bags Baba  Sify Movies


The Bollywood beauty Manisha Koirala has been finally chosen to play the heroine's role opposite Rajnikanth in Baba. Rajni's original choice Aishwarya Rai was found to be too demanding and did not have immediate dates. Manisha met director Suresh Krissna in Mumbai and agreed to give 45 days continuous call sheet. Manisha is said to have told the director that it was the Mani Ratnam's classic Bombay that showcased her acting calibre and Shankar's Indian and Muthalvan that made her a star down south and she always wanted to be paired opposite the biggest of them all- Rajni "sir".

The shooting of Baba will start on March 21, exactly three years after Rajni last faced camera for Padayappa. Some writers are holed up in a five star hotel in Chennai giving finishing touches to the Baba storyline and also trying to work out new gimmicks for the superstar's punch line dialogues. A.R. Rahman who has proved lucky for Rajni with Muthu and Padayappa has agreed to provide music, if it is recorded in London, where he is now residing.

Baba will be released on August 15.

2002.Mar. Baba: A by-product of Captain complex  Tamil Galatta.com

the story of Baba had been decided around a year ago Rajinikanth
had not mentioned it and kept it under hush as he was waiting
for the political scenario to change. Now with people not so
happy with the way the administration of the Dravidian land,
the sun seems to have finally dawned for executing his plans
so he can have dialogues phrased with the necessary punch. But
what really pushed Rajinikanth to rush up with his hushed up
plans was another strongly emerging film-political icon in Vijaykanth
who has been laying firm foundations for his political path.