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Tuesday April 30, 3:52 PM / The mega meet / Yahoo!India(hansazone)

There is a constant buzz that Vijayakanth and Rajinikanth are at loggerheads
with each other and that Baba was a move by the superstar to
show that he is still the king. Vijayakanth is supposed to have
proclaimed that he is on par with the superstar. Vijayakanth
has always denied that he had any differences with the Superstar.
Yesterday Vijayakanth called on the Superstar at his residence
to invite him for the May 8 function hosted by the Nadigar Sangam
to felicitate thespian Manorama and director Manirathinam for
being awarded the Padmasri. However all is not well with the
Sangam. Sarath Kumar the secertary of the Sangam will not be
in town as he will be vacationing in London with wife Radhika.
The popular perception is that Sarath and Vijayakanth are not
seeing eye to eye on many things. Vijayakanth’s Rajjiyam has
been a disaster and trade circles say that it’s collections are
as bad as that of Vijaya Shanti’s Sri Pannari Amman. “When
Vijayakanth charges Rs 3 crores and the films collection is equal
to Sri Pannari Amman are his rates justified?” ask the trade

April 26 / SHANTHI MADHAN / Cinesouth

So terrible! Madhan, I heard that ‘Baba’ had finally stepped out of Guindy’s Camp Koladai to shoot some outdoor scenes. Interesting news.
Yes. Last Friday night, at Mylapore’s Thirumailai Railway Station, the unit was picturizing a song sequences. Since Rajini had already sought Police protection, the whole station was crawling with Police personnel. Some of them took snaps with him and took his autographs to show to their children. Rajini had cooperated too.

(Hot News!) ‘Baba’ Sangavi
Nobody knows where Lady Luck waits for a man. Sanghavi was packed and sent home after ‘Rishi’. She is now is ‘Baba’ (Gee Lord!).
‘Panchatantram’ ‘Varushamellam Vasantham’ and ‘Irandu Paer’. 4 major Tamil movies. But, she only plays character roles in all these films. She says. ‘Yeah, so what?’ the girl with the attitude has now got 4 Telugu films in hand.
(Hot News!) Love and Love only(恋愛結婚したスターの馴れ初め特集)
At the shooting of ‘Thillu Mullu’, a college girl had come to interview him. The actor fell in love with her and got married to her. Her name is Latha and he is our very own ‘Baba’!

April 19 / Baba, Rajanikant’s copyright / Screen Rajanikan’s lawyers have issued advertisements stating that the title Baba is copyrighted and using it for commercial use will be illegal. Corporate sponsors Pepsi and Henkel have tied up for promotion of their brands in the film. Meanwhile the fans of the superstar were given permission to use the title in the autorickshaws and banners of the fans clubs. Manisha reported for shooting in Chennai for the film. April 17 / Rajni turns reclusive / Rediff.com

Rajnikant’s film has been announced.

Baba has Suresh Krishna at its helm and stars Manisha Koirala and Ashish Vidyarthi, besides the South Indian superstar himself.

The film is very hush-hush. The shooting is happening in the Campa Cola grounds, Guindy, Tamil Nadu. No sneak peek for the press. No location stories.

Some say Baba is a revamped version of the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Muqadar Ka Sikander. Others insist it is about a man who wants to renounce everything in life, but people want him to be a leader instead.

The makers have released a logo and proclaimed themselves the sole owners. The ban prohibits anyone from making keychains or pendants with the name Baba on it. And if they want to, they have to take permission and pay for it.

Rajnikant has also objected to anyone who imitates him on screen.
Apparently, this ruffled Chinni Jayant who plays a hardcore Rajnikant fan in his forthcoming film. Chinni started his career mimicking Rajnikant in television commercials. This prohibition would have meant the end for Chinni’s film. Fortunately, he got the green signal after a special request.

Some Rajnikant’s fans are hurt.
Apparently, for the mahurat of the film, Rajnikant broke a coconut in front of a temple with his shoes on. And though the film’s title seems pious [Baba means a sage in Hindi], Rajni poses with a beedi [local cigarette].

Rumours have it that Rajnikant’s daughter Aishwarya will sing a song in the film with music by Deva. She is also assisting Krssna.

April / Bits on ‘Baba’ / hansazone


Here’s the latest on the superstar’s Baba . Apparently, a scene in the film required some cars to rush into the crowds and scatter it. During the shooting, one car lost control and ran amuck, injuring three women junior artistes. They have been admitted to a hospital. Baba Rajini was, however not present at the shoot, at the time of the accident. Meanwhile, buzz has it that director Shankar and writer Sujatha wrote the second half of the Baba story and completed the script. The superstar, when asked about working in Baba after a long gap, says ” It’s like Sachin facing the Pak team after a three year break.
He does not know how the pitch behaves and how the ball will turn!” In a contemplative mood, Rajini adds, ” Where do you find happiness? The old are not happy, nor are the young. The rich are not happy, nor are the poor. The married are not happy, nor are the unwed. True happiness is found only in the work that you do.” Is that why Rajini returned as Baba?

April / Rajini makes a statement / hansazone

Rajanikanth created a flutter at the Boys launch function when he said that the Tamil Nadu government’s decision to allow cinema theatres to fix admission rates was laudable and will help the film industry. Coming from Rajini who is known to be a Jayalalitha baiter was a surprise. Rajini had tried to get a similar order passed by the erstwhile CM Karunanidhi when his Padayappa was to be released. But the DMK supremo pleaded helplessness and to make matters worse were raids on theatres to curb black market. Kamal also tried to get a similar order passed for Pammal K Sambandam, but he failed. It has to be seen whether the amenities in theatres will improve after this move.

April 15 / Shankar’s Boys launched / Sify Movieshansazone


【Sify Moviesより】
Shankar has finally launched his new film Boys with a grand launch party attended by almost the entire film industry. The chief guest was Baba himself and the superstar was all praise for Shankar and his new Boys. Rajnikanth introduced the boys- Sai, Manikandan, Nakul, Bharath Siddharth and the new girl Harini to the guests. Shankar’s regulars like music director A.R.Rahman, cameraman Ravi.K.Chandran, writer Sujatha, editor V.T.Vijayan, stuntmaster Vikram Dharma, art director Sabu Cyril and dance director Raju Sundaram will also work for Boys. Shankar calls them the “real heroes of the film”.

Shankar’s path breaking Boys is being produced by A.M.Ratnam and is already being talked as a “funky movie in Tamil”. Boys is said to be inspired from the Hollywood film, Fast Forward and is going to be a sure winner at the box office.

After Mudhalvan, director Shankar ‘s latest is Boys . It has Siddharth, Nakul (Devyani’s brother and student of Rajini’s Ashram school) Sai, Bharath, Manigandan and Harini. It is a coming of age story. Shankar says that the film will bring back memories in each of us our boyhood. He wanted fresh faces . He did not want to cut costs. “It will have a budget that my films have always had ,” says Shankar. Rajinikanth at the launch said that he was hesitant to come but then as there were so many new faces being introduced, he showed up. Seeing the boys perform on the stage reminded him of the launch of Ninaithalay Inikkum in which he and Kamal are young members of a music group.  ラジニと組みたかがっていた、といわれる(昨年の記事を読んでね)、シャンカル監督(日本では『ジーンズ』でお馴染み)の新作『Boys』がついに制作開始。で、ラジニが制作発表(というかこの映画のプージャ)の場に応援にかけつけたようですね。ということは、ラジニはシャンカル監督との映画制作を今回は断わった(?)ものの、シャンカル監督との親交を続けていると考えていいのかな~。『Baba』の後でいいから、ぜひ!シャンカルとのタッグが実現するといいなあとしつこく思っているワタシ。(2002.4.18)

Thursday April 18, 10:31 AM / ‘Baba’ completes first schedule! / Yahoo!India(hansazone)

The first schedule of Rajinikanth-starrer ‘Baba’ has been completed amid tight security at the Campa Cola Grounds, Chennai. Everyone entering the Grounds were frisked and any cell phone or other communication equipment they carried, were confiscated until they left the Grounds. Even the director Suresh Krishna was detained at the gates for 10 minutes, since he did not carry his ID Card. All stars were provided with fully air-conditioned cabins with name plates on the door. They were however requested to entertain journos and give interviews only outside the Grounds. And were strictly advised not to speak about the film (Mani Ratnam-style?). The lead-lady, Hindi actress Manisha Koirala, spent her spare time talking to financiers in order to get her brother’s Tamil debut film on the roll. She has now returned to Mumbai and is waiting for the next schedule at Mysore, to start. Meanwhile Aishwarya, the superstar’s daughter is playing assistant to director Suresh Krishna during her free time and is also tracking all the recent releases. Honing up on her directorial skills?

April 12 / Gossips! / Cinesouth

Kodambakkam is gawking with its mouth wide open at the phenomenal business that ‘Super Actor’s latest four lettered film is doing. It looks as if the revenue generated will hit the sky any moment. There is also a talk that since the movie is being released on the same day in both India and Japan, the ‘Super Actor’ might be going to Japan that day. ‘Even the collapse of the Twin Towers wouldn’t dampen the business of this actor’ they murmur.  日印同時公開、ラジニがその日に来日!?ホントかいな???ホントだと、初日にチェンナイに行っちゃったらラジニとすれ違い…(2002.4.16)

Thursday April 11, 9:46 AM / Rajinikanth’s copyright on ‘Baba’ / Yahoo!India(hansazone)

The superstar’s lawyers have issued advertisements stating that the title of his forthcoming film ‘Baba’, is copyrighted and using it for commercial purposes will be deemed illegal. Corporate sponsors Pepsi and Henkel have tied up for the promotion of their brands in the film. However, fans of the superstar have been given permission to use the title on autorickshaws and on the banners of their fans clubs.

April 11 / Vairamuthu leaves abroad for Baba / hansazone

Lyrcist Vairamuthu is leaving for New York and London to write lyrics for Baba since A R Rahman is abroad and producer Rajinikanth has asked him to go on a holiday and also take his time to write the lyrics so that Rahman can compose the tunes at his leisure.

April 11 / Baba In Full Swing! / Sify Movie

Rajnikanth’s Baba shooting is going on at a brisk pace. A huge set, which is becoming larger by the day, has been put up at the Campa Cola estates in Guindy. There is heavy security cover and no outsider is allowed into the sets.

The artists have been told not to discuss the story with anyone, especially pesky journalists. Goundamani and Senthil are doing a separate comedy track for the film. All the artists have been provided with air-conditioned cabins at the location and are being looked after very well by the production team. No cell phones are allowed on the sets by anyone including the artists. Two persons including a lady are taking care of the heroine Manisha Koirala who is moody and unpredictable. Rajni would be shooting in his favourite Mysore location in May. The film is on schedule and is likely to be wrapped up by end June.

Meanwhile half the industry is going around saying that Rajni sir has invited them for a role. Even Anitha Ratnam the famous danseuse have said in a recent interview that she had an offer from the Baba team to play the role of Manisha’s mother! And Malayalam actress and plain Jane, Samyuktha Varma says that she was offered the heroine’s role!

April 9 / Is Rajani’s Baba about politics or theism? / Chennai Online

Rajini seems to have decided it is not right to keep his fans waiting any more! Baba is the outcome of this decision. The moment this decision was made public, his fans all over the State celebrated like they would any other festival bursting crackers and making merry. The number of attendees in the launch function was astounding. If this is the kind of enthusiasm and interest for the launch, one can easily imagine what it would be like, once the movie is released.

The movie has raised a question among his fans – whether Rajini will get into politics and if the movie will provide an answer to it. Rajini also dropped a bombshell within days of the launch function! He issued a public notice banning anyone or any organisation using his costumes, imitating his style or mannerisms, pictures, symbols, for commercial or other purposes and anyone desirous of doing so should deal with the company authorised by him. Any violation will attract legal action, the notice says.

Following this, Baba has become the talk of the town. A media report says Rajini’s shrewd estimate of his direct and indirect commercial value is the reason for this announcement. The photo of a ‘Baba’ that Rajini was carrying with him on the launch day has made a lot of people curious about the identity of the person. Rajini’s strength, according to some, is his ability to keep people guessing and thus generate a lot of interest and enthusiasm for his movies.

Some say that Rajini participates in a number of public functions before and after the release of his movies and airs his views on various subjects. They cite some examples to substantiate this view. They recall Rajini talking about the bomb culture before Basha was released. Rajini who had been silent for the last three years, after Padayappa, has done the same thing, before Baba, these observers point out. Away from public glare for a long time, Rajini participated in the Tughlak anniversary celebrations, obviously not unaware that Cho would talk politics, these sources point out. Rajini needs this kind of forum, they add. Rajini did not react to Cho’s open invitation to head a third front in the State.

Rajini’s daughter Aiswarya, in an interview said that Rajini should enter politics. ‘Wouldn’t Rajini have been aware of what his daughter was going to speak?’ is the question raised by some people. Rajini is making a lot of tongues wag by naming his company, ‘Lotus’. This is a well thought out ploy to make people wonder if this meant he was supporting BJP or not! It is indeed naive to believe that Rajini did not know that ‘Lotus’ referred to BJP, says a film journalist.

There are others who offer a different explanation, “All these are mere coincidences. It is not correct to link this to Baba. One cannot assume that his fans’ enthusiasm or goading or someone’s invitation to don some mantle has his approval. It is also incorrect to deduce they reflect his thoughts.”

“Rajini is not interested in politics. His objective is to sell his movie and he is doing what is necessary to achieve that,” according to some others. These people point to various examples in support of their arguments. “Japan is a good market for Rajini. His movie ‘Muthu’ was a phenomenal success in Japan. Keeping this in mind, Rajini has cast an actress from Japan, in Baba.

Very sure of his strengths, he produces his own movies. That is why the public notice, too. For him business is most important. He doesn’t mix politics with business,” says a production executive in the industry. The fact is a variety of views and opinions emanating from different sources have raised the expectations high, for Baba. Are we going to see Rajini as a political campaigner or are we going to see Rajini in the role of a god man is being debated endlessly in every nook and corner. Rajini is adding to the mystery by keeping mum, as is his wont. His fans expect him to take the plunge into politics. They are waiting for a clear answer from the superstar, they say.

At least after Baba, Rajini has to break his silence; otherwise his fans may become permanently silent. Be that as it may, Baba is sure to break all box office records.


April 5 / Manisha Koirala in Baba / Screen

Manisha Koirala has been signed to play the female lead opposite Rajanikant in Baba directed by Suresh Krissna. AR Rahman scores the music. Baba gives the message that if one can understand his limitations then one can find peace in one self. The film will be launched at the AVM Studios soon. 【マニーシャ・コイララin Baba】

『Baba』のメッセージは、人は自分の限界に気付くことができれば、それで安らぎを得られる、というもの。映画はまもなく、AVMスタジオで制作開始されるだろう。  日本人が出演することに注目が集まってて、そういえば、『Baba』におけるマニーシャちゃんの画像とか、まだ一切見かけてないなあ…。(2002.4.11)

Monday April 1, 11:31 AM / Buzzing about ‘Baba’ / Yahoo!India(hansazone)

Even before superstar Rajini’s ‘Baba’ has completed its first schedule, there’s a lot of speculation about it, doing the rounds. First a magazine published various artists’ perception of how the ‘baba’ (Rajini) might look like in the film. Next came the buzz that he might be a lorry driver in the film (or was it a taxi driver?). Once the posters with Rajini holding aloft his hand in the ‘mrugi’ mudra pose was plastered around the city, they said ‘baba’ was the tale of ‘a deer turning into a cheetah when provoked’! The posters also carried an English caption which the ‘Baba-buzzers’ quickly attributed to Rajini’s subtle political challenge! Yet another Tamil weekly carried news of how Rajini visited a ‘nadi’ astrologer to ascertain when the right period for his new film launch would be. The astrologer apparently also suggested that the name ‘Baba’ would be lucky for him! Or was it inspired by Sivasankar Baba? Considering that Rajini has always been quite open about his films and characters, why he is keeping ‘Baba’ under wraps, is a big question. Until the publicity stills come out, it’s buzzers time for ‘Baba’. 【Babaに関する人々の憶測】

別の週刊誌では、いつ映画に着手するべきかを確かめに、ラジニが「nadi」占星術師を尋ねた様子を伝えた。その占星術師は『Baba』という題名がラジニに幸運をもたらす、とも勧めたようだ。それとも、Sivasankar Babaにインスパイアされたのか?
宣伝スチール写真がお目見えするまでは、『Baba』の憶測・噂話は続く。  要するに、撮影はスタートし、ラジニの上記のような決めポーズも発表されたけれど、それ以上の詳細が全く公表されずに、憶測が飛びかいまくっている、ってことのようですね。(2002.4.11)

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