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2002.Feb.25  Rajinikanth’s New Film "Baba"   Dinakaran

  Super Star Rajinikanth has released a press statement, through which he has made out the announcement that he’s producing the new film, titled, "Baba". He himself has written it’s (the film’s)
story and he’s acting in it also, in the lead role!

It was expected that he would be announcing his new film as early a time as when his "Padaiyappaa" got released. But Rajinikanth, since then, kept on postponing such an announcement! Thus 3 years have passed. On the last Deepawali festival day, his fans even went to the entent of printing and pasting wall-posters throughout Tamilnadu propogating their decisive intention that they were forgoing Deepawali festival just because no film of Rajinikanth got released on that day!

Moreover, Rajini’s fans kept on contacting his house, daily, over phone, asking when Rajini would be coming out with the much-expected announcement regarding his new film. Apart from this, whenever LataRajini visited different towns for participating in ‘Dhaya’ and ‘Saaral’ functions, Rajini’s fans insisted to her that they were all eagerly awaiting his announcement.

It is in this milieu that Super Star Rajinikanth came out with a press statement on 17-02-2002. It read like this:

"Let me worship and greet the divinely fans and the people of Tamilnadu, who have enabled me earn my livelihood…..

“Since 3 years have been completed after the release of my last film "Padaiyappaa", I have decided to produce myself, on the banner name of "Lotus International", a film, based on a real-life story, written by myself, and am myself acting in the film. V.A.Durai would be the executive producer. Suresh Krishna is about to direct it. The title of the film is "Baba".

“With much happiness let me inform that its shooting work would start soon and that the greater part of the profit that could be earned out of this project would be given away to Sree Ragavendra educational trust.

"Jai Hind".

Rajini has announced so, through the statement.

2002.Feb.  Super star Rajni’s new film ‘Baba’ Indiainfo.com

IndiainfoAfter a 3-year break in movies, actor Rajnikanth has informed that he will be directing and acting in his new movie Baba.

One wondered whether he will act further or get into politics after his successful performance and the box office hit Padayappa.

Most of his fans were disappointed and hoped Rajni would act in new movies during Diwali or Pongal and so 3 years just went by. Some suggested that Rajni should continue acting and others preferred that he went into politics.
Under the production banner ‘Lotus International’ based on a true story, Rajnikanth has written and will be producing this new movie Baba.

Suresh Krishna will be directing this new movie Baba with V A Durai as assistant producer.
This movie’s profit gains would be donated to Ragavendra Educational Trust, announced Rajnikanth.

The heroine and the musician have not been selected for this movie. Director Suresh Krishna has flown to Mumbai to finalize with actress Aishwarya Rai (who is currently busy with Hindi films) and musician A R Rehman to give the music score for Baba. In one of her interviews, Aishwarya Rai has said that she was ready to act with Rajnikanth in his

Meanwhile Rajni’s fans burst crackers and celebrated over Rajni’s decision in acting is his forthcoming new movie Baba.

2002.Feb.18  On the comeback trail  MSN India

MSNHe is back. In Tamil cinema, this can mean only one thing. Rajnikanth is ready for his next film.

The Superstar, who had kept his legion of fans in suspense after his last appearance on the screen with Padayappa in 1999, has finally announced his plans for the next venture.
Titled Baba, the film is based on a real-life incident and will be directed by Suresh Krishna.
He has directed Rajni in famous hits like Annamalai, Veera and Badsha before. Suresh Krishna’s previous film was the much-publicized Aalavandan. Till the announcement came, the other directors under consideration by Rajni were K S Ravikumar and Shankar.

Quite typically, Rajnikanth has again got everyone stumped with his timing. There was the talk that Rajni, who was assiduously wooed by certain sections of Tamil Nadu politics, might actually take the plunge this time as his bete noire Jayalalithaa looks all set to come back to power in the State.

Instead, he has now announced his film plans.

The announcement too was typically Rajni. He announced his plans on 18th of Feb through a carefully worded statement. The actor said Lotus International will produce the film and the proceeds from the movie would go to the coffers of the Sri Raghavendra Trust. The well-known producer V A Durai himself was put in charge of the production of the film.

Rajnikanth also made it clear that he will write the story and script it.

The moment the news was out, the question that began to do the rounds was who will be cast as the heroine in the film. Though there is no official confirmation, the grapevine is that former Miss World Aishwarya Rai is one of the heroines and the other heroine is still being finalised. The music is likely to be handled by A. R Rehman.

Both Aishwarya and Rehman are currently in Mumbai and the news was that Suresh Krishna had flown to Mumbai to finalise the deal with them. Anyway, Aishwarya Rai herself has gone on record that she would like to act in a movie with Rajnikanth.

The film is likely to go on the floors by April and perhaps reach the theatres by early next

For the Rajni fans, there is something exciting to look forward to, eagerly.

(source: India Syndicate)
 「バーバー」と名付けられたその映画は、実話に基づいていて、スレーシュ・クリシュナーによって監督されることになるだろう。彼はかつて、有名なヒット作「アンナーマライ」「ヴィーラー」「バーシャ!」のような作品でラジニを監督してきた。 スレーシュ・クリシュナーの前作は、大宣伝された「Aalavandan」(昨年秋公開の、カマルハーサンの主演作)だ。発表されるまでに、ラジニが検討していた他の監督はK.S.ラヴィクマールやシャンカルだった。…

2002.Feb.18 He Is Back As – Baba  Sify Movies

08.jpgBy Moviebiz
After three years of hibernation, Rajnikanth is back in the arclights. He has once again surprised the media by sending them a fax announcing his next film Baba, to be directed by Suresh Krissna who last directed his Badshah nearly seven years back. And with this movie, Rajnikanth is taking a new ‘avtaar’ as a scriptwriter.

The film will be produced under the Lotus International banner and the proceeds of the film will be donated to Sri Raghavendra Educational Trust. Rajni has announced the movie on the eve of the Andipatti by-election in which his
‘bete-noire’ Jayalalitha is contesting to win and take over as the Chief Minister once again.

The cast of the film is yet to be finalised. Director Suresh Krissna has flown to Mumbai for a meeting with Aishwarya Rai. Ash had once said that she was very keen to work with the superstar, but whether she will be able to give bulk dates is the big question. A.R.Rahman is likely to give music. The shooting of Baba would start on the New Year Day (April 14) and the film is slated for a Diwali(November 4) release.




2002.Feb.18 Superstar Rajinikanth to launch next film?  hansazone.com

09.jpgAfter Padaiappa, the media was rife with stories about Rajinikanth’s next film. Initial discussions with Shankar however did not bear fruit, since the superstar apparently was not satisfied with the theme and it was dropped. Subsequently, Rajini has developed his own storyline based on an English theme and director Suresh Krissna is all set to give it shape. Once again, the Rajini-Suresh Krissna team which gave hits like Baasha and Annamalai are coming together in this new film titled Baba. V A Durai (of Loothie and Vivaramana Aalu fame) is the executive producer while Suresh Krissna is another executive producer (he has replaced Thennappan who is currently making a film with Kamal Haasan). Deva is to compose the music and the film is slated to be launched on April 1 under Rajinikanth’s own banner. A 50-day shooting schedule has been planned. Other details are yet to come in. Until then, stay tuned!

【スーパースター・ラジニカーントが次回作の制作開始?】  『パダヤッパ』以降、マスコミはラジニの次回作についてしきりに話をしてきた。最初ラジニはシャンカルと話をしていたが、実を結ばなかった。どうもラジニが物語に満足せず、却下した、ということらしい。  その後、ラジニはイギリスの物語に基づく筋を自分で書き、スレーシュ・クリシュナーがそれをきちんと具体化した。 『バーシャ』や『アンナーマライ』といったヒットを飛ばしたラジニ+スレーシュ・クリシュナーが、新作『バーバー』で再びチームを組む。
 【Loothie】 や 【Vivaramana Aalu】(両方ともサティヤラージ主演) で知られているV A Duraiがプロデューサーで、スレーシュ・クリシュナーがもうひとりのプロデューサー(彼は現在カマルハーサンのフィルムを作っているテンナッパンの代わり)だ。  デーヴァーが音楽を担当し、4月1日に制作開始予定。50日の撮影が予定されているが、その他の詳細についてはまだニュースが入ってきていない。それまで、チャンネルはそのままで!

2002.Feb.18 Rajini in ‘Baba’! Behind the scenes…  Cinesouth


現地新聞「The Hindu」にも、以下の内容で報道されたようです。(ネットの記事がちょっと検索できませんでした…)(現地滞在中の袋井師匠情報)

Dinakaran でもタミル語で。(右の写真が掲載されてます)

2002.Feb.18  Rajni helps a poor woman from karnataka Indiainfo.com

Actor Rajnikanth helped a poor woman from Karnataka by giving her Rs.20,000 and also offered to help for her son’s education and future prospects.

Yashodamma a poor woman is a resident of Mandya district in Karnataka. Her husband Velu Naidu is a drunkard. Addicted to alcohol, Velu Naidu neglected Yashothamma and the family.
Knowing the family situation, Yashodamma did all kinds of odd jobs to meet the family needs and managed the entire home affairs. Yashodamma approached her relatives for help but none came forward to help her. Some of her friends suggested her to meet actor Rajnikanth and appeal for help.

Yashodamma gave a final try and ‘walked all the way’ from Mandya to Chennai to meet Rajnikanth. Rajnikanth heard about Yashodamma through the local newspapers and media and invited her to his residence. He welcomed her and gave her Rs.20,000 cash.

Rajnikanth then told that he would sponsor and look after the entire education prospects of her son Nandakumar and desired to become their benefactor.

Finally Rajnikanth requested Yashodamma to return back to Mandya by bus. With tears in her eyes, Yashodamma thanked Rajnikanth and returned to Mandya. One has to appreciate and admire Rajnikanth for this noble act.

 俳優のラジニカーントが、カルナータカ州の貧しい女性を援助するために2万ルピーを与えた上で、彼女の息子の教育及び前途を援助しようと申し出た。Yashodammaはカルナータカ州のMandya地方の貧しい住人で、彼女の夫Velu NaiduはYashodammaや家族をほったらかしにしていた。
 Yashodammaは意を決して、ラジニに会うために、Mandyaからチェンナイまで徒歩で行くことにした。 ラジニは地方の新聞やマスコミを通じてYashodammaの噂を聞き、彼女を自宅に招待した。ラジニはYashodammaを歓迎し、現金で2万ルピーを与えた。


2002.Feb.18  Superstar Rajinikanth in Baba   Galatta.com

04.jpgAfter three years of reclusive hibernation from the film industry, superstar Rajinikanth has finally decided to announce his next film, which has been named ‘Baba’, comes after a long gap of three years. The actor confirmed the name of the film in a press release. Director Suresh Krishna who has already worked with Rajinikanth in three of his earlier films Veera, Annamalai and Baadsha will be directing this film while Rajinikanth himself has penned the story. While V.A.Durai is in charge of productions, the rap around tinsel town is Aishwarya Rai may be the heroine & A.R.Rehman may compose the music.

【スーパースター・ラジニカーントin『バーバー』】  映画界から3年にも及ぶ隠遁生活の後、ついにスーパースター・ラジニカーントは『バーバー』と名付けられた次回作について発表した。前作から既に3年もの月日が経っている。

2002.Feb.18  Rajni is back!    Rediff.com  Tamil Movies Online News

N Sathiya Moorthy in Chennai
From Padayappa to Baba it has been a three-year-break for Tamil superstar Rajnikanth.
Now Rajnikanth has formally announced his new film, Baba. In it, the superstar takes a new avatar —
that of a script-writer.
03.jpg"Based on a real-life story, it will be directed by Suresh Krssna,"
said Rajnikanth. As with his recent films, the proceeds of the new project will go to charity.

In the case of Baba , the beneficiary will be the Raghavendra Educational Trust floated by Rajnikanth.
The Trust also runs Ashram, a multi-faceted educational institution run by his wife Latha.

The timing of Rajnikanth’s announcement has not gone unnoticed. It comes just days before the Andipatti
Assembly by-elections, where ruling AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa is main candidate. "He seems to have realised that there is an undercurrent of antipathy towards the ruling class and he would like to both consolidate and capitalise on it," says an industry source.

"There is a possibility he might even consider journalist-friend Cho Ramaswamy’s suggestion to enter active politics, based on how the film is received and what the mood of the Tamil Nadu voter is at the time."

Timing has always been crucial to the launch and release of Rajnikanth’s films ever since he began addressing social and political causes from the home-grown Vallee . Critics say Rajnikanth, like MGR before him, has exploited the public mood, but unlike MGR, would not enter direct politics or serve the people directly.
His Mannan and Padayappa both had arrogant female characters which were politically identified with Jayalalithaa. "But that was a coincidence; it was needed to carry the storyline," explains a sympathetic filmmaker,
who is still on the long list of hopefuls for a film with Rajnikanth.

As he points out, the character, Neelambari, played in Padayappa by Ramya Krishnan, had nothing to do with politics: "She does not utter a single line that could be connected to politics. Yet, people have read too many
meanings where none existed."
05.jpgRajnikanth’s previous great grosser, Badsha , the story of a Mumbai-don turned
do-gooder autorickshaw driver in Chennai, did not have any political lines. Still, people continued to read political meanings into the dialogues.

At the height of the run-up to the all-important Assembly polls of 1996, Rajnikanth was actively
involved in bringing together the infant Tamil Maanila Congress and DMK against the ruling AIADMK under Jayalalithaa. His public declaration, "Even God can’t save Tamil Nadu if the AIADMK was voted to power" is believed to have turned the tables finally against the ruling party of the time.

Meanwhile, the cast for Baba is yet to be finalised. The names of Aishwarya Rai, Simran, Jyothika and a host of others are already being mentioned for the role of the leading lady. Rajnikanth also has the talent of unearthing yesteryear stars, and of moulding them into characters befitting their age and image. The music composer, which has become a prestige with every other Tamil film, Rajnikanth or not, is also yet to be finalised.

Indications are that Baba will be launched on Tamil New Year’s Day, April 14, with a release slated for Diwali.

2002.Feb.8  Twinkle Twinkle Super Star II    ChennaiOnline

Having seen the tall star of the north, let us now see the polestar of the south. (Who says polestar is in the north? In the world of tinsel anything is possible)

Over to Padayappa?
Unlike Ambitabh who has come out into the open, Rajini is not yet tired of playing the ‘Keep-guessing-game.?
He has been a silent observer and sitting on the fence for a long number of years now. One group is vociferously inviting him to join them while the other vituperatively opposes his anticipated entry. Both the groups have one thing in common though. They gain their political mileage, either way!

The ‘Crucial question? was lying under the carpet for four years and more. Recently, Rajini probably wanted to play hide-and-seek again. He has been so very meticulously avoiding public meetings with a possibility of discussing politics.
His participation in the anniversary of the magazine ‘Thuklak? is once again raising good amount of dust. Cho came out with an open statement in the function, advising him to take charge of the third front and that made it to the headlines immediately.
It is not unusual for this kind of rigmarole to surface whenever there is an election is round the corner and it has come up again.
But the volume is a little high now. The BJP and the TN Congress have openly welcomed the entry of Rajini while the CPI and the CPI (M), though they have not spelt it out explicitly, have been
against it.

The very bold and open attitude taken by Rajini during the 1996 elections attracted differing opinions from all around. It cannot be denied that he had a big role to play in the establishment and development of TMC and also in the victory that the combine secured. But that cannot be a pointer for a solid ground for the personal success of the
Superstar in politics. Examples are many.

As far as Rajini is concerned, he has not indicated his stand clearly in the matter so far.
It definitely looks like that he enjoys all the tamasha that is going around with him at the centre, discussing for and against, without even making an attempt to get a firm commitment from him. Some feel that Rajini himself is behind all the controversies that are going on.

‘It is not that Rajini did not know that Cho would speak like that in the function. He participated in the function with the full knowledge what statement Cho would come out with. Considering the fact that the fans of Vijayakanth have contested and won several seats in the Corporation elections and taking into account the present unsatisfactory performance of ADMK government, it is not difficult to see the soft corner that Rajini has for the third front and Cho has echoed what is there in the innermost recesses of Rajini’s heart,? said a VIP who belongs to the inner circle of Rajini and who wishes to remain anonymous.

Another observer quotes the interview of Aishwarya, daughter of Rajini in a Tamil magazine when she felt that her father should enter politics for the good of the people. There is every likelihood that Rajini may say that he is not aware of such a thing. But then it is obvious that Aishwarya would not have spoken without his knowledge.

It is now for Rajini to put a full stop to all such needless empty talk, which is sure to continue till he comes out openly with his stand. He should realise that he owes a responsibility to the public and should not keep them
guessing for long.

There are precedents like Sivaji, Bhagyaraj, T. Rajendar and others who tried their best to make it to the seats of power and failed miserably. Things do not move as easily in real life as on the silver screen, by lifting
an index finger and warning ‘What I say once is equal to saying a hundred times.?

02.jpgAnd there are also other examples like Karunanidhi, NTR, MGR, Jayalalitha and others who have made it from the studio sets to the Secretariat. But it requires taking a firm and clear decision and working towards that goal.

The stars twinkle and do not exude steady light. May be it is because of this fact that the Super Star, Supreme Star and the Captain are still in two minds about their career in politics. Let them take a firm stand to serve the people and lead them in a clear and good path in actuality or let them keep doing so on the screen. If they opt for choice
number two, let them not emerge in the horizon every now and then, campaign for this party or that – whichever appears to be good for the moment – and afterwards shroud themselves with silence, reclining in nonchalance and taking a care-a-damn attitude in the following years, till the next elections.
SaravananTranscript by Hari Krishnan

2002.Feb.2  Thenali Online    Cinesouth

11. What exactly is Rajini doing, sitting at home? — Mahendran- Anaimalai

Thenali: Opens the papers and scans them to see how many people had invited him to lead the Third front. Then, as usual, for the 999th time, sit to hear a story and fall asleep before it ends.(Thalaivaa! Kamal has completed 4 films now since ‘Padaiyappa’)

質問11. 結局のところ、ラジニは何をしているの?家で座ってるの?