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May 29 / Is A R Rehman holding up ‘Baba’? / hansazone

Almost everyone is on the Baba trail. Currently, the Baba team has successfullycompleted shooting in exotic Swiss locales and returned to Chennai.
From here, the team has flown to Bangalore, from where they will be hitting the scenic spots of Mysore. Incidentally, Mysore locales
feature in almost all of Rajini’s films and are considered ‘lucky’ for him. However, when director K S Ravikumar had earlier taken
his Samudram team to the same locales, hoping for the luck to rub off on that film too, it didn’t pan out. The entire unit was beaten up by Kannada fanatics and had to return bruised. But, Rajini, being a Kannadiga himself, simply breezes through the state. While shooting is thus progressing to deadline, buzz has it that A R Rehman may be holding up the show. Apparently, Baba lyricist Vairamuthu is finding it difficult to co-ordinate with ARR, who is sitting in London. While, the superstar wants the film to be released on August 15, the slow pace at which the song composition is happening, may hold it up. Guess even Baba has to wait for ‘Allah Rakha’!

Sify Moviesでも、同日こんな記事が。(以下抜粋)

Rahman-Fading Out?
…The maestro is obsessed with western media and Hollywood. In early May he flew to London,
where he planned to settle for the next one year supervising
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s theatrical musical Bombay Dreams

…Rajnikanth too is a harassed man as a fight has broken out between Rahman and lyric writer
Vairamuthu over the tunes of Baba. Vairamuthu had warned
Rajni, as whenever he tries to get in touch with the Rahman,
he is either “sleeping” or “is at work”! And only two out
of the seven songs for the film has been composed. Vairamuthu
is in no mood to go to London and sit with Rahman and finish
the work. The latest we hear is that after Rajni finishes the
Mysore schedule of Baba, he will be dashing to London
to sit with the maestro and try his best to get the rest of the
songs from him. The re-recording of Baba will be done
in Chennai, by Deva’s brothers Sabesh Murali. Now there are doubts
whether the film would be released on August 15.




May 24 / Gossip! / Dinakaran

Amitab’s playing a role in Rainikanth’s”Baba”, is not yet finalized. Director Suresh Krishna also added that whether Siranjeevi would be doing a part in the film or not hasn’t been decided yet. But Cho acts in an important role.



May 24 / Sanghavi Interview(一部抜粋)/ Screen

Tell us about your film with Rajnikant.

In Baba, I play the second heroine. Manisha Koirala plays the
lead role. I got a call from Rajni sir who told me that he had
a suitable role for me in the film. It was a dream come true
for me to be acting with such a magnificent personality. I participated
in the first schedule and I shall be coming back here again,
ie Karighatta in Mysore, to attend another stint for Baba.



May / Rajini warns ‘star-gazers’! / hansazone

Buzz doing the rounds now say that the Baba star has imposed some rules
to be followed on the sets… no one should wish him as he enters
the sets everyday (if they do, then they’re warned first, then
chucked out), no one should smoke, chew paan or imbibe the spirits
on the sets (he’s got special sentries to check on them) and
no one should ‘gawk’ at the star for more than a minute at a
stretch (the sentries then politely pull them up for ‘star-gazing’)!
The norms apparently extend to his daughter too. The superstar’s
daughter Aiswarya, who is currently working as director Suresh
Krissna’s assistant in Baba, has been told to work
independently, with no concessions being made for her. She apparently
reports on time, does her work and returns home, only in the
Company’s car. Rajini also treats her just as he would treat
any assistant director and politely heeds her request to pose
the way she desires, on the sets. Wish more stars were so down-to-earth and more star-kids were this well behaved!

May / Baba shooting in full force / indiainfo.com

It was nearly a 3-year break for Rajnikanth and all his favourite fans have been waiting for shooting and the release of this new film produced by Rajnikanth.

When the fans and his well wishers heard about his new film Baba,
they got excited and placed the banners and advertised everywhere
expecting the best from Baba.
The pooja was performed for this super star’s film. It took place
at Kanningambal temple and Rajnikanth performed the ceremonial
rites with great faith at this temple. It is believed that Rajnikanth
came quite often to this temple to perform prayers.
Many fans and admirers came to know about the superstar’s regular
visits to the temple, and so all of them gathered near the temple
at early hours and greeted him. Rajnikanth was glad to meet all
of them and embraced them with joy.
He left from the temple and went to the A V M studios Chennai
to meet the producers and other directors. On his arrival at
the studios, he received warm welcome from many artists and producers.

Rajnikanth’s elder brother Sathyanarayana Rao gave the ‘claps’
and the director Suresh Krishna produced the first scene with
Chota Naidu the camera man took the first shot for this film.

After the shooting of the first scene, S P Muthuraman, Cho (ex
veteran comedian), Panchu Arunachalam, Balachander and Shankar
congratulated Rajnikanth for the ‘first take’. The remaining
shoots took place at Guindy Campacola grounds.
The female actress Japanese actress Yashi Merlijuki participated
at the shooting of Baba. She seemed shy and coy like any
other Indian girl.
Many banners like ‘The Future Leader’ and ‘Rajni Baba’ floated
across the Guindy Campa Cola grounds and Kaniyambal Temple.
The jubilant Rajnikanth smiled at the greeters when they assembled
to greet their hero. Since there were no police or security,
it allowed many fans and admirers got enthusiastic to greet Rajnikanth.
The fans acknowledged the way Rajnikanth gestured with his index
finger in Baba. The shooting took place in Vadapazhani
and took a lot of time to disperse the crowd gathered near Guindy
Campacola that jammed the traffic.

Comedy actor Senthil took part in the shooting of Baba.
He was clad in Aiyappa devotee and Rajnikanth was dressed as
a labourer for the shooting. Let’s hope the best comes out of

Tuesday May 14, 11:25 AM / ‘Baba’ update / Yahoo!(hansazone)

The most keenly watched event in Tamilnadu is the progress of Rajini’s film Baba. Now
the shooting will shift to cooler climes in Switzerland. Rajini
apparently wanted to go to the Himalayas and the Kashmir valley
as the film which will feature swamijis and yogis. But permission
was denied thanks to security reasons. So Switzerland it is,
and the Alps will substitute for the Himalayas. Wife Latha is
busy composing her next musical album the proceeds of which goes
to various good causes.

May / ‘Baba’ Goes To Switzerland / Sify Movies

The shooting of Rajnikanth’s Baba is
going on in full swing. As per the storyline, there had to be
a scene in which Baba (Rajnikanth) dressed as a swami is shown
sitting in the snow covered Himalayas. It is an establishing
shot, which would appear for 90 seconds in the film. But the
Indian authorities refused permission to shoot in Kashmir. So
the Baba unit is doing the next best thing. Rajnikanth
and a 10-member crew have flown to the Swiss Alps for the shoot.

The Swiss authorities
have gone out of their way to issue visas for the film unit and
told them that there are enough snow-capped mountains very similar
to the Himalayas, especially in the Gstaad area. Director Suresh
Krissna claims that the Swiss locations work out cheaper as all
infrastructure facilities required for the shooting is available
locally. Added to that the Baba unit will be the first
film unit from India which is not shooting a song sequence in